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how to concieve....?

I was wondering if there are any home remedy ways of increasing your chances of conceiving a boy?

(serious answers only please)

Thank you!!

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    well, I would start with some ovulation kits...have intercourse right around ovulation ONLY and use a deep penetration method )like doggy style).

    Good luck!

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    I am trying for a girl this time after two beautiful boys and I have been told that in order to conceive a boy you have more chance if you have sex on or after you have ovulated. Apparently to conceive a girl you should have sex from day 8 after your period and then every other day after that .

    So I would imagine you should do the same but just from when you ovulate. Can you tell yourself when you are ovulating?

    Hope this helps & let me know if it work.

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    We are ttc, and i am hoping for a boy when or if I do conceive. I don't believe there is an actual way to pick from boy or girl... but I read the closer to conceiving on ovulation day the chance are better for a boy. There is a ovulation calendar on that gives week of ovulation as well as chances of conceiving sex of your desire. It is well worth it to check it out... it is free : ) That is what I used to determine my week of ovulation! Good luck!

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    To conceive you must have sex on a day that your eggs are being released. Only God will choose the sex of the child.

    After the 3rd day from the day that menses started put a thermometer into your mouth and check your body temperature every morning before you start turning in bed. The best time is at about 4 a.m. Maintain a chart. You will find that on one day the body temperature drops from 1/2 degree to one degree. This is the day that your eggs are being released. If you want to get pregnant this is the day that you must have sex. Tell your husband to ejaculate on his inward thrust so that the sperms will shoot deep inside.

    After having sex you must stay in bed for about 30 mins with your knees bent up with a pillow under your buttocks so that the sperms will not pour out - to enable them to travel up.

    Get your husband to save his sperms in the testacles for at least 3 days before sex to enable them to mature well to do their job.

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    The boy sperm swim faster than the girl sperm, but because of that, they also die quicker. They say to get pregnant with a boy that you need to have sex on the very day you ovulate. If you have sex the day before, most of the males have died off by the time you release the egg, then the females take their time getting up there. If you have sex on the day you ovulate, the males rush right up there to it while the females are left behind.

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    dunno I have tried all the ones I found online and in book and well I got a girl. I wanted a boy so bad. once again I hoping for a boy but with my luck, it will be another girl. I read some where that the female sperm cells are better swimmers than the males. So I don't have a clue on how to get them to slow down.

    Source(s): If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!
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    yes actually there is. Male sperm are quick to the egg and they are quick to die out. Female sperm are slow to the egg and slow to die. Therefore, if you time it correctly, you can increase your chances of having either sex. For a boy you need to conceive as close to your most fertile time of the month-midcycle when your body releases the egg. That way it races to the egg, beats out the girls, and doesn't die out.Good luck!!!!

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    This is what worked for us.

    Middle of cycle. She was face down I entered from behind. 2 boys.

  • it depend on your age and the month you are trying to concieve in order to concieve a boy!

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    no idea..

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