What movies do you think sucked? And do you think movies are sucking a lot more lately?

I thought Mr. and Mrs. Smith was really boring. Dark Water was just a cheap rip-off on The Ring. It wasn't even scary. Diamonds are Forever is one of the worst James Bond movies, in my opinion. There are a few more movies I don't like, but I can't think of any right now. The quality of movies is definitely going down lately.

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    You are right. movies today are not as good as they use to. I mean, they keep making remakes after remakes after remakes. It get tired some after a while. That is why I watch French and Asian films because they are a little bit more created then movies over here. I mean, yes, sometimes there will be a movie that comes out, like "Crash" that is verrry good and it restores your faith in good movies. But then, they still continue to make crap with Lindsey Lohan, the Olsen Twins, Hillary Duff, even Paris Hilton. What? Are you kidding me? who would pay money for crap like that? Not me. I'll wait to be disappointed when it comes out on cable.

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    I can agree. Production companies have too much say in how a movie gets made. It is the almighty buck thing - there are lest people willing to take a risk on a movie to make the next Star Wars, or ____. This is why there are so many remakes of past hits, and trilogy's of recent successful movies. Then there is also the aspect of technology. I am sorry, but CGI just doesn't engage me like realism does. Whenever I see a stuntman in place of the actor in a movie, or whenever a creature is CGI-ed in, it takes away from the movie. It is hard to replicate the effects of Alien(s), andPumpkinhead, and Jaws with a CGI character.

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    Yes movies have sucked donkey d*ck as of late and there's too many bad movies to even list. Movie studios are just putting movies out there with no consideration for the actual art that goes into movie making & story telling for the purpose to make a quick buck off of popularity of the star in the movie or fans of the book the movie is based from.

  • Alot of movies these days I can truly say do suck. Especially all the re-makes (ie. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes). Even back in the early 90's and before that when they made re-makes like The Fly and other movies like that they did a great job with them without slaughtering the integrity of the original film. Bottom line these so called directors need to get an imagination like that of great directors like Tim Burton (Beetlejuice), George Romero (Night of the Living Dead), and Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator Series). If your sick of all these movies coming out one thing to do is quit going to the theaters and start going to your local movie rental place and rent some good old classic films that won't disappoint you.

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    I'm not necessarily sure the movies are "sucking" now more than they did in the past. You can run off the names of a bunch of crappy movies currently, but that's probably because the crappy ones made 5-10 years ago you won't be able to remember (nor would you want to). I would venture to guess that on average, 80% of movies are forgettable - the last 20% is either so good, or so bad, that you can't forget them.

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    I would have to say the last Exorcist Movie they came out with was probably the worst I ever went to see in a theater. It is so bad I would have demanded my money back but for the fact a friend of mind practically dragged me to see it with him and his wife and payed the $10.00 to see it. Actually he was my boss at the place I was working. As a matter of fact that was just rewards for him for dragging me to that horrible, miserable movie. You are right about movies qualities going down. I want waste my money going to the movies and have not for years because who really likes being ripped off at the box office. With as many people in our great country that go see Hollywood's garbage ticket prices should be a 1/4 of what they are.

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    Uh... so many

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (I HATE this movie!!!)

    Napoleon Dynamite

    The Date Movie

    The sequals to Scary Movie (The first was ok, but it is jsut getting old)

    A History of Violence

    oh... so many....

    and yes the movie are sucking more lately, mostly due to the fact that people want to make money and try to shoot out scripts like nothing and end up with crap!

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    Napolian Dynamite put me to sleep. I also thought that Mr. and Mrs. Smith was boring. The stupidest movie ever was Talledega Nights.spelling?

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    Ummm.... where to start.... Larry the Cable Guy; Benchwarmers; Ultraviolet; The Pink Panther; Freedomland.... Too many to list. Quality is going down and quantity is going up. Maybe if they would quit trying to release 10,000,000 movies a year then the quality might get better.

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    Yes, I think movies have gotten worse. I think they don't pay attention to the script like they used to. Mr & Mrs Smith was mediocre.

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