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I have WinAVI and I have movies that I would like to burn onto a cd. What format will my dvd player read?

I have Nero and I have WinAVI

most of my movies are .avi format and i was wondering what format should i convert to in order for my dvd player to read

btw i dont have dvd cds but instead music cds ( i think they will work )

will it work if i convert the format to dvd? or vcd? my dvd player is kinda cheap too ( no phillips or sony )

i want more space on my comp so the best way to save these movies is to burn them onto cd plus i can watch it on my tv

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    you have to have DVDs, and the file format would be .DVD, it wont work with CDs.

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    Your DVD Player can read MPEG1,MPEG2 format. some dvd playes can read avi, mpg, mpg1 &2, dat files too. normally dvd movies are mpeg2 files , movies in a dvd disk are stored in .vob files if you want to convert your exiting avi files to dvd you can search on net for free avi to mpg dvd conversion software. normal DVD disk can hold both music and movies but they should be stored in proper files format ie movies should be stored in dat,mpeg,vob file format and music should be stoed in to mp3 or wave format in dvd's

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