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What happen to other Countries who use to dominate Basketball?

Team Canada, Russia, South Korea, England, Philippines, etc?

How come they didn't compete in the FIBA tournament?

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    National teams like Russia(Soviet Union) and Yugoslavia(Serbia) fell from dominance as their countries fell apart, splitting their national teams and their resources in training and recruiting players. Other countries (Canada, England) have other national sports competing for players (Hockey and soccer, respectively). Still others (South Korea, Phillippines) haven't had a strong basketball tradition.

    That all said, the main reason is that basketball is close to being a pretty level playing field, as far as international sports go. Almost any country can more or less field a team, and sometimes with the right players, they can go pretty far in competition, even with NBA pros (Argentina in the 2004 Olympics, Greece in the FIBA tournament).

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    These countrries don't participate any longer due to ??

  • 1 decade ago

    they suck now

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