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Opinions anyone?

Well, I need all of your opinions. I've always wanted to make a forum that was very successful (you know, a lot of people joined and stayed active). And, I have made some in the past, but even if they gain members, it eventually (somewhat quickly) becomes "dead". So, I was wondering...maybe it has something to do with the topics. (Like I've tried forums for online games, animals, dogs specific...) I'm just not sure of what everyone is interested in. Could anyone tell me in their opinion what kind of forum you would like to join? (Ex. music, general chat, animals, games...) Also, would anyone happen to know of a good place for advertising the forum once it is made? Thanks so much.

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    I LOVE YOU please pick me... :-D

    As for your question, I don't know, I've been having the same problem...a little shared sympathy never hurt, now did it ;)

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    Have you tried a topic on GEORGE W. BUSH?

    How about this crazy stock market?

    Or maybe a topic on "How high can prices go" on cusumer goods and such. For instance when I first started driving, gas was 75 cents, bridge toll was 25 cents, my converse and pro keds sneakers were 12 dollars. My father paid 12 thousand for his new house, 3 thousand for his new car......hellow?

    ...hellow? ... How high can things go -- is their a limit? ...well?

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    If you are USA based try discussing "Illegal Immigration".

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