i have stomach ulcer, and I have been taking medications for the past 3 months, but I still have the symptoms.

I took prevpak for 14 days and I am having prevacid these days. But How long will it take to heal the ulcer completely? Is there any other way which can heal my ulcer quickly?

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    My dad was just diagnosed with an ulcer. He was told that it takes 6 to 12 months to completely heal so long as you take all your meds and avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, Pepper and Aspirin (CAPA diet).

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    One question for you: how was your ulcer diagnosed?

    If you were diagnosed based on symptoms and did not have an endoscopy (a procedure where a camera/scope is put down the throat into your stomach to examine and biopsy the ulcer) then you should have one done. Generally, simple ulcers respond well to treatments such as Prevacid, a proton pump inhibitor that suppressed production of stomach acids. However, there are certain infections of the stomach that causes ulcers and may not resolve by treatment with Prevacid alone.

    In addition, persistent ulcer symptoms may point to conditions more sinister, such as stomach cancer. And this can only be diagnosed by an endoscopy (more specifically an esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy or EGD).

    Even if you had an EGD 3 months ago and your symptoms have been persistent despite adequate therapy, it may be time to return to your doctor and consider a repeat exam to make sure things are doing alright.

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    well the only way to verify the presence of an ulcer is another endoscopy. If the ulcer persists despite the use of prevacid over months, you may need further evaluation. Sometimes I recommend people to take Mylanta, Maalox or Gaviscon 2-4 times in the day too. Catch is to take antacid 45 minutes before or 2 hours after eating something else, Antacid plus Prevacid may help relieve symptoms. Feel free to email me with more questions

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    no. just like anything else, an ulcer takes time to heal. but by taking prevacid and reducing acid reflux, you are on the right track. without acid burning your esophagus, the ulcer will have ample opportunity to heal. just be patient and keep taking your medication.

    Source(s): brother has severe acid reflux
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    ..Some people like myself will always have problems eat right and take your meds! Not a magic time on the healing process. Thirty years I've had to deal with them on and off, when I follow my diet the healing time is noticeably less. Drinking is the worst beer vodka all the same and after words believe me it will not of been worth it.

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    3 things

    1: drink rootbeer...... seriously, it will help

    2: eat oatmeal...... it is good for the stomach, and will help

    3: most important....eat green bananas (dont have to be the hard and bitter green,,,,but just before they turn yellow,,, and still green)...... they will actually rebuid the lining in the stomach.

    you will thank me later-

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