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Tom Cruise's Baby?

I think I am a reasonably open-minded person, and being 54 years old, I think I have heard and seen most everything that could possibly offend me. But I guess not! I saw a photo of what the page is Tom

Cruise's baby "poop" 'bronzed.' and placed on a piece of wood for display. I hope this is really, really not true. Because if it is, Tom Cruise and his daughter-age wife BOTH need some serious pscyh. help!! Serious help!

What do you think of the is? Is it true?

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    No, there was this artist who wanted to be famous for showing the absurd when it came to famous celebrities and their children. He made a life size statue of Brittney Spears on a bear-skin rug on all fours about to give birth when she was pregnant with her first child and he made a bronzed "statue" of what he thought Tom and Katie's baby's poop looked like. he just wants publicity, that is why he made those "statues".

    And as for Tom and Katie needing help.......Tom needs help, Katie needs to take her baby and get the HELL out of there!

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    ha ha ha ha! I saw it on 'The Soup' with Joel McHale! I think it's just a joke. The more private someone tries to be the more they attack! I thought the very same thing when I watched it. I was like 'What!" Then after thinking about it , (and where I saw it) I decided it's probably a joke! And a bad one at that!

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    Actually this is true.

    But, some artist made it and he says it's what Tom Cruise's daughter's poop will look like after she eats solid food.,1,19888,00.htm...

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    no longer quite. i imagine tom cruise is quite merely intense....i discussed a information piece about no man or woman being allowed to the contact or communicate to the toddler out of their households...i imagine all of it has to do mutually with his loopy faith.

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    Are you sure it was HIS poop? It could have been L. Ron Hubbards. He has been known to leave a lot of gold plated **** around.

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    yes i believe it is true but whats more disturbing is that i would be a bit concerned if my baby passed something that big have you seen it!

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    don't know, but if true, they must be dragged to the nearest mental hospital, too serious to see a psychic

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    I do not even believe their is A baby!!

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    They're definetly both off. Sometimes I think that baby doesn't exist.

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    it's just made up. celebrities are still people, and the same things that gross us out gross them out too. it's just the crazy media. it' ridiculous.

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