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what can i do to fix my default gateway?

what does it mean when i cant conect to the gatway?does it mean there is something wrong with my computer? or is there something wrong with my internet provider?is there anything that i can do to fix it?

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    The gateway is the computer you use to get out to the internet. If you cannot connect to the gateway, then it's the ISP's fault, not you - HOWEVER, if you have put the wrong IP in teh gateway spot on the IP Configuration, then you can easily fix that yourself.

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    Not necessarily. If you are using a router, like a dsl or cable router / modem then this device is your defauly gateway. If that device is set up to dhcp mode then your pc should get the settings automatically. If you are not using dhcp then try putting the router / modem's ip in as your default gateway in the network connection properties. Also make sure that you have entered in settings for a proxy server if you need to. That is usually done though a browser or on a system level.

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    I don t know what all that means. Just someone please walk me through it

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