Scientology Question. Clams I cannot remember being one. I do not believe in reincaration.?

If my jaw aches and I grind my teeth am I just remembering my days as a clam or is the dentist right that it is stress? Why did is slow down when my life got less stressful in the here and now if it was due to being a clam in my past life? I have no memory of being a clam. Yet scientology says we were a clam. It is a good thing I am not a sceintologist.


Perhaps the dentist was right it was just the stress of school. It cleared up.

Update 2:

What do you think about the clam therory?

Update 3:

I am glad not all the ansers are bad. I am glad that yahoo has better quality control now also.

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    Scientology uses a process called "auditing" which is really just a mild form of hypnosis. In this state, people are extremely vulnerable to suggestion and fantasy. This is why many of them remember being clams, space aliens, or wahtever.

    There is really no "science" in Scientology...unless you believe all humans are the result of billions of years of reincarnation after an evil space alien named Xenu wiped out the Thetans billions of years ago (yes, this is actually one of their higher doctrines).

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    I read that dianetics book probably more than twenty years ago. I always think about mohammad and joseph smith when I think about scientology. Both mormonism and islam have clear historical references surrounding them which suggest or directly explain how their respective religions were created. LRH kind of stole from the psychology of his day in the way these "prophets" stole from the history and theology of their time. I don't know that anybody ever comments on this. It is an interesting parallel. Of course, the humor of Scientology is that it is comes from a science fiction writer, so anybody with common sense should know better. I think the reason this group is so influential has more to do with money than their beliefs. I wouldn't worry about having been a clam, and, while your molecules may have been recycled by nature, the probability of your consciousness reconnecting to them has got to be astoundingly low.

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    It seems pretty unlikely that, even if you were a clam in a past life, that you would remember much of it.

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    scientologist dont call it reincarnation per se but LHR wrote a in the 1960 book have you lived before this life that explains philosophy

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