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lol funny 80s question?

who remebers the pet rocks in the 80s what did u do with them who lived in that time lol this question is so stupid i couldnt rezist


pet rocks omg i wanna live in the 80s lol funny or 70s whatever lol

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    yeh i had one in tne 80s it was blue and pretty cheesy i think one of its eyes came off and it got put in the garden.......( to forever deal with life as an outcast purely for the colour of its skin ) sad hey!! but at least it still had one eye...

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    I thought pet rocks were mostly a 70s thing. I grew up in the 80s (mostly) and I don't remember much about pet rocks.

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    I had a pet rock a few years before they came out.It was a seventies thing.

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    They were in the 70s. My sister had one. It had a name (which I can't remember) and sat on her windowsill. She was kind of the rebel of the family, and smoked pot, so you might say they got stoned together.

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  • i think my dad has it in a box in the garage

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