What can I do to keep the spark in my relationship? I want my girlfriend to stay interested in me?

I was her first for everything. We have been dating for a year and a half and I never want to lose her. I am 18 and she is 16. We plan on staying together but I need to know the right steps to take to make this happen

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    Me and My WIfe have been married for 12 years we met at 19 and she's definately my soul mate!!! Make sure you always be honest with her no matter what! I can't stress that enough. Always "SHOW" her love, actions speak ALOT louder than words and you have to make sure that you love her and show her atleast 50% more than she loves you!!! Try what we do, Make sure you go on atleast one date a week no matter what your wallet looks like cuz some of the most amazing and memorable things we have done on dates were when we were broke, sunset's, walks, talks, me cooking her dinner, bubble baths, massages, love notes letters, love coupons, Just be there for her and it might be hard but LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION WHILE YOU'RE LISTENING AND COMMUNICATE ALWAYS COMMUNICATE, NEVER ever assume something or think that she's feel a certain way and NEVER TAKE YO GIRL FOR GRANTED ALWAYS APPRECIATE EVERYTHINGGGG SHE DOES AND COMPLIMENT HER 24/7. Be as real as possible with your feelings, never be afraid to show her your heart, NEVER fall under the hater trap of lettin yo boys tell u that your a punk or puzzy for Spending 24/7 with her, Showing her love or BEING FAITHFUL TO HER. Trust me at 32 I have more divorced and unhappy friends and a million more talkin trash cuz I love my wifey more than I love myself, but the thing is if I was to walk away from my wifey my so called friends would be the 1st ones there tryin to be with her. And your hatin friends would do the same. Be best friends NEVER LET HER DOWN OR BREAK HER HEART AND BY NO MEANS NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER AND THIS IS IMPORTANT NEVER TELL HER U WANNA BREAK UP OR A DIVORCE CUZ THOSE WORDS CUT LIKE A KNIFE AND CAN SCARE THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP CUZ SHE'D NEVERRRR FORGET IT. WHEWWW so sorry I talked far too long but when I get going on about trying to help someone have what I have then I let it flow. Good Luck Dawg.

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    You just need to make sure you have fun, and you shouldn't make things too serious yet. Most women will fall in love with a man who keeps them laughing, is kind to them, and will do anything for them. There are no "right" steps to keep things strong, people change over time, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Just have fun together, and wait to have any children or get married because that may be something you'll regret.

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    Sorry,but the real fact may be that at this age to maintain a relation ship for a longer time continuously is bit difficult.But,ther always exist exception.Cheange you daily ways of spending time with her...talk and share your thoughts and spend soem romantic time with her more frequently.

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    Go on a first date once a week. Have her meet you somewhere and do it like it's the first time. Plan romantic things for her.

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    Tell her "Thanks for being a part of my life! I never knew what evil was before this!"

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