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What does green runny feces mean?

Lily did her thing tonight and I noticed she had green runny feces. Anyone have a clue what this might be? I am thinking shes sick as she seems to stop walking more and sits down a lot more. And her chest is pink all over. I have a German Shorthaired Pointer.

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    Sounds like she ate something she shouldn't have.

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    The green poo sounds like she got into some of those "greenie" dog treats, you know, the ones shaped like a little bone that are 90% chlorophyll. The pink coloration on the chest sounds like an allergic reaction, maybe to whatever she has eaten.

    Sometimes dogs with short hair have very sensitive skin and can actually develop an allergy to grass that can cause pink coloring on their skin because of irritation and inflammation. Many times they are sensitive to whatever chemicals people have on their lawns, weed spray, grass food, etc.

    If Lily likes to eat grass when you take her outdoors, she may have a stomach ache, and that is something that needs to be checked out.

    Her sitting down sounds like she is being drained of energy.

    She sounds like a sick pup so...

    TAKE HER TO THE VET A.S.A.P. Please!!

    Give Lily a hug for me and thank you for taking such good care of her. Bless you both.

    All will be well.

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    First the running poop means diarrhea, second the green could mean something she ate that color. In either case your dog is sick and needs medical attention immediately. Please go get help from vet!

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    It could be she ate something that upset her stomach or she could have something more serious. If it persists take her to the vet. Keep her away from other animals until you figure it out.

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  • Call your vet's answering service and they will have a vet call you back... you gotta be careful with that, they dehydrate alot faster then we do.....She could have eaten something bad or got bit by a bug or caught and it will make you feel better....

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    Did she eat any green vegetables? I would watch and see if it clears up by tomorrow and if not, take her to the vet,

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    really bad poop or ur dog might have a lose stool wich isnt good go to the doctor

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    Get your vet on the phone NOW!!!!!!! this is a sure sign of PARVO. CALL HIM NOW.....CALL HIM OFTEN...... GET THE DOG TO A VET ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.


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    Your dog does not sound well and may be suffering. Please call a vet immediately for help.

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    Too much rough anal. Lay off a few days.

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