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hey read this this is weird?

Their was this guy sittin down on the steps

he was sittin on the steps my friend and I walked past him he, smiled butthing was he was keeping an eye on everyone who was outside. then we went back outside we couldnt get the doors back open because we were carrying stuff outside our hands were full, and well it was weird thed oors werent automatic and i was behind my friend i saw him he looked at me and the door opened. no one toucvhed it. and it wasnt windy today, but I was smoking a cigg and the guy walked off somewhere but he came back to the steps and as he approuched the wind blew hard it made me kinda lose my balance and that guy wasnttheir no more after I cwent back in to call on sumone. it was weird i only went back in for like 5 seconds but it looked like he was senttheir to make sure everyone was safe like sent by God or somethin cuz how could he vanish so fast


if he was a angel maybe he was sent to protect the wedding and the ppl who went

it was abjust about whn everyone left because i was the only one eft besides my little sister that was inside.. he vanished i swear it he vanished i went back in for a couple of seconds their was no way he could dissapear that fast

Update 2:

and srry I was in a hurry

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    One of those Angel stories you occasionally hear about? I have heard of such things before. God works in mysterious ways.

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    i'd imagine that between the archangels got here all the way down to sparkling the way..........or that one among our mom or father angels change into on duty that day. would even were a spirit helper. that's merely mind-blowing even as issues ensue like this, isn't it. reward!

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    this happened to me and also my son...both instances happened at a small lake in our town...2 men were there and then gone they spoke to us.....i talked to others and some live lakeside and hear bagpipes very early every morning but there's no one there...

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    Holly crap bud. Just take your time and think about what you want to say before you say it. Type things slowly so we know what you're talking about. I mean..... jeez. I'm not even going to deal with this question. I'll just report you and be on my way.

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    Yeah that is weird....

    And I don't think you're crazy either...hmm...Maybe he hid somewhere? or maybe not? hmm thats interesting...

    I definitely believe in angels though, so its possible...

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    what are u smokeing god doesnt send people to help unlock doors

  • Ralley
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    1 decade ago

    Too bad he wasn't sent there to help you with your grammer skills.

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    of course its weird..if u wrote this..please write it again

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Weird wierd wierd, but not this;

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    perhaps an angel.

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