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Why do some dreams seem so real?

My dreams seem so real sometimes... why?


I have a dream about drowning, and I wake up and I can't breathe...

Update 2:

Sometimes they're so real to me, I mix them up with reality...

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    dreams are from your subconscious mind and the more real your dreams are suggest the more creative your personality is.

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    I don't really dreams seem real sometimes too. The other night my husband and I watched an ABC special on the top 7 things that could happen to destroy the earth and wipe out humanity...I think the program was largely a scare tactic but nevertheless that night I dreamed that Russia was getting ready to launch nuclear warheads at the United States, like within the next couple of days. In my dream I was completely overcome with terror and everyone around me was scrambling around trying to figure out how to make the best of the remaining days they had to live. It was extremely frightening and when I finally awoke, I was so relieved to realize it was just a dream. Yikes! So I know what you mean...sometimes we know we're dreaming (that's called lucid dreaming) and sometimes we don't. This was NOT a lucid dream...I really thought the world was coming to an end! Anyway, just thought I'd share...


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    The mystery of dream is as unsolved as the mystery of life.

    While I am dreaming I too feel that this is the real world and many a times I had feel that I am sobbing in my sleep. But sometimes my dreams come true. Many a times I had seen someone visiting my house (in India up till now we had guest which come without intimating you) and they really came. Many a times I had forgotten my dream and after a day or so some incident happens and at that time I remember that I had seen this incident in my dream.

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    Dreams are shapped by our imagination and our memories. When the two clash together, dreams can take your memories and add some suspense into them while keeping a certain degreee of reality.

    If your dreams seem real but they're about something bad, maybe you should try improving some sleeping habits like getting a full nights rest. and if it's serious, maybe a psychologist can help.

    If's it's good, then let it be!

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    Well, a dream usually just is a recap of everything that you did put together in a random order. Sometimes, the order is meaningful to you.

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    i dont know thats weird one time i had a dream and i said to my brother about the dream but i thought it happend fo real so he said that did not happen and then i thought it was a dream

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    Maybe they put you into such a mental state that the overwhelming feeling of 'realness' causes physiological symptoms.

    Yes, dreams can be incredibly bizarre.

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    Because they are events that either will happen to you or have happened to you only on a different existence. But then again, the mind is a terrible thing to take seriously, and don't be too serious about not taking yourself too seriously.

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    I wonder too....!!!

    Like last night I had the most fun dream ever....

    I was so mad when I woke up.

    I spent 10 minutes just thinking about it this morning...

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    sometimes they really are real

    visitors from a neighboring dimension

    that people thruout the ages

    have felt as a loving presence of holy spirit

    Source(s): prophet probe
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