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A question about a guy..?

me and this{guy} was really good friends.he has a girlfriend i am married.we use to text each on our cell phones all the time,his gf left him,he has anew one now,i havent heard from in over 2 weeks,could i have said something wrong ?is it his gf?or maybe he like me more than a friend??

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    maybe his girlfriend didn't really leave him but wanted him to leave you instead. females get very jealous and being with a guy who's best friend is a girl is tough.

  • Hunny your married, why are you texting this guy so seriously? you should be emotionally involved with your guy and not worried about the other guy.

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    he likes his new girl friend More than you it seems. you are married ..... leave it that way and stop pouting about another guy.

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    maybe. but u r married right??

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