I'm looking into becoming a therapist/psychiatrist for teens. Info help, please?

What is this particular branch of psychiatry called? I want to be a therapist/psychiatrist for teens to help them with problems (such as anger management, depression, etc.), and possibly work in a high school as a therapist or someone. College suggestions will be helpful, too.

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    I think your specialty would be in Adolescent treatment, whether it is psychology, psychiatry, therapy, etc.

    I really don't have any good suggestions for schools. There are many good schools out there.

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    Good for you!!!! There is a huge need for people to work with teens and very few professions you could go into where you can make such a big difference in so many lives!

    To work with teens you will want to specialize in Adolescent Psychology/Psychiatry.

    Generally, Psychiatrists do not do therapy--their primary responsibility is prescribing medication and to become one you would need to go to medical school.

    To be a therapist, most states require that you earn a Master's degree and complete a set number of hours being supervised by a licensed therapist; you will need to check on license requirements for the state you live, or want to work, in. Most therapists have a degree in Psychology but some schools now offer degrees in Mental Health Counseling.

    You don't necessarily have to become a therapist to work with teens--some other options are: Guidance Counselor, Social Worker or Juvenile Probation Officer.

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    As the other person mentioned, a psychiatrist goes through medical school and prescribes medications -- you would have to go through college and then medical school.

    To be a therapist, or psychologist, you would attend college and then either study clinical psychology (in graduate school, usually a PhD degree) or perhaps even become certified as a social worker (LCSW certification.)

    Which ever way you choose, you will probably learn general principles and then later choose to specify a subset of people to work with, like teenagers or adults, etc.

    Choose the best undergraduate school you can get into and afford and work hard at it. From there you can ask your college professors and advisors and they can direct you or even personally introduce you to resources/people who can help you with job or grad school placement! good luck!

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    There are many different types of therapists. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who specialized in psychiatry (4 yrs.)=16 yrs. college. A psychologist holds a Ph.D.=10 yrs. college. A high school guidance counselor holds a Master's degree in Counseling=6 yrs. college. I recommend you meet with your school guidance counselor and discuss your college plans. If you are a senior, you can meet with academic advisors at your local university and/or community college to discuss this. Good luck.

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    You have several excellent questions. Bravo for your choice of work.

    a) Try it first. How do you deal with teens - are they already hanging around?

    b) Try hooking up with a local mental health group and see if there are volunteer positions.

    c) The requirements for counselors vary widely by state. Some states require virtually no "certification" standards.

    d) Try seminars in your concerned fields - for instance professional workshops and community colleges often have anger management and similar courses.

    e) Depending on how much you have already done, start with a community college and ask for a "Life Experience" evaluation for credit on what you have already given to teens.

    f) Start cheap - college is tens of thousands of dollars and you may find you can help for a lot less through foster care home evaluations and so forth.

    g) Ask - find a person whose work you admire and ask them how they got started, what they recommend, and where to study.

    h) Be prepared I intended to be a psych major until I took 101 - turned me off forever.

    God's blessings on a great hunger to help.

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    It sounds like you want to be a psychologist. A psychiatrist can prescribe meds, but you have to go to medical school to be one.

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