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what does it take to make it in the modeling industry?

i am 5'5 ish and want to model... any suggestions please?

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    I have heard a lot of bad thing about SOME (not all) modelling agencies and how they make you pay for photos and photo sessions before they take you on then never give you any work. Always check with the local Better Business Bureau in teh US or Trading Standards in the Uk or Similar organisation elsewhere.

    I think a better starting place before you go to agencies is if you have a friend who is reasonable with a camera (do not have to be a professional or even that good just okay) Just take 100 photos of yourself in different poses, clothing and backgrounds then pick out 10-20 nice photos. You can then use this as a portfolio, and even better instead of printing them which cost you money every time, host them on a website and get some business cards print with the website address on and just hand these out instead. This is a far cheaper way of doing it and with no RISK. You should never have to pay to get a job if you do there is a high chance it is a scam.

    However if you would like a personal portfolio site please contact me and I will set you on up for free. I can design you a fully personalised flash website with as much or little information and then host it for you. This site can contain a gallery of your photos, personal information, list of work, contact details, etc or if you prefer just a couple of photos and nothing else. It can be password protected and all images will be protected as is humanly possible, or the photos can be available to download.

    Examples of work can be provided on request. Just message me here if you want, I am a professional website designer but have lots of free time (and enough money) so I am currently doing free sites for small bands, small artist etc, basically anyone who could not afford them otherwise. I have my own hosting server so can offer hosting servers or you can host the site yourselves. This site will not contain adverts, unless you host it and put the adverts there yourself. No images sent to me will be used for anything other than your site and I will not give anyone your detail or link to the site. You will have complete control and the site can be removed or changed at any time. This is not a scam and I will design a site for FREE, I do not need the money, and enjoy working. If you do want it message me you can tell me what you want and how you want it done and I will help.

    Depending how old you are I may require parents permission before i will do any work.

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    That's cool, I'm 5'5 too. I would love to do that, like print ads and magazine shoots, but yeah just keep trying. I am trying to get into acting but I dont live in the hollywood area, but I am not going to pay anyone, I just want to make a professional audition one day and see where it takes me. I would have to be super thin unless i get lucky and someone sees stardom in me, oh heck idk, but don't worry gal, things will work out for you. Just keep putting yourself out there. It also helps when you know people that actually want to help you, even though some say they will and don't, but that's how it is with some. I guess it's jealuosy and competition.

    I believe in ya. Don't put yourself down, just say that you are going to do it and have alot of confidence on that audition(s) you arrive at. wink!!!

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    the basic individual is in basic terms too fat. the reality regrettably is that clothing do look lots extra helpful putting from a skeleton. the variety industry is interior the employer of merchandising clothing and could no longer do very properly with its designs stretched over a barrel of lard bowling down the catwalk. those fashions actually inspire fat-assed women individuals to consume much less.

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    I think determination, persistance- keeping a positive outlook mentally. It's alot like the acting world, you have alot of rejection.

    As long as you are following your heart and your dreams- you can't go wrong.

    Even if you never make it, and you tried your best your whole life at least you lived doing what you loved.

    I think that is what really matters. In any job!

    Good luck!!

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    Well to make it in the modeling industry you either pay alot of money or you dont pay anything cause the scouts really need you

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    you probably have a better chance to be a catalogue model cuz of your 'short stature' ( im still shorter so dont feel bad!) and you have to be extremely proportionate as in your bust meas. has to be the same as your hip measurements and you dont nessacarily have to be peretty but you must be presentable and well groomed talk to so agenents who might give you other free tips and good luck!

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    well iam too but im 13 & still growing you need to be t least 5 7 is your over 16 ido modeling too its fun best of luckk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    well you sure as hell ain't doin runway at 5'5. try hand modeling.

    Source(s): common sense.
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    you should try print modeling. most runway models are 5'9 or taller.

    Source(s): my degree in fashion design
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    just keep on trying, you'll get there.

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