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This may be a dumb question about a razor phone but...?

I just got the razor phone (and I am not phone savvy at all) and I was wondering why it came with a USB converter and cord. What can I do with my phone on my computer? Thanks.


Do I have to have software or can I just plug it in and go?

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    I believe there are some software requiements but usually thats not a problem. Just plug it in a give it a try. If it doesnt work them oh well. You can always get those soft ware requirments later on. Hopefully you know where to plug it in. (the same place you plug in an mp3 connecter i think)

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    Razor phones first off are awsome. The converter allows you to download images to the computer from the phone and from your computer to the phone. Pretty sweet huh?

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    share pictures. it's really cool little device. not much more probably, but instead of uploading from the cord to the PC, it's right from your phone to the PC and you're all set!

  • charge it and convert thing from from your computer to phone

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