Is it true that when you have sex the first time it hurts??

what if your hymen is already broken? will it still hurt?

what can you do to make it not hurt as much?

some tips.

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    It hurts a little bit, probably less if you don't have a hymen. It hurts less than period pain.

    Ask the guy to go slow and gentle, make sure you are nice and wet, or use some lubrication. The guy should stick it in bit by bit, while you let him know how it feels.

    If you feel a really bad pain like you're going to be sick, or you bleed heavily, or like you're going to pass out, then you have to stop completely because something is wrong. But that hardly ever happens.

  • Try foreplay, it loosens you up and then it doesn't hurt as bad during your first time and chances are, your hymen will break during the playing part and then, when your loose and all that good jazz, sit back and enjoy the ride, because it only gets better afterwards. ;) Have fun! and no, I don't think your too young to ask this question. Age is no boundry to the curiosity of the innocence. By the way, I'm only 17, not some freaking 66 year old. So, yeah. Chill. lol. IM me if you have other questions though, I have no problem answering. As you can tell. lol.

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    Yes it will hurt the first few times. So even if your hyman has been broken your vagina muscles have to get use to penetration because not only does your hyman get broken but your muscles have to loosing up. The only way you can pass this stage is by doing it a few more times. If it is just that uncomfortable then use some K-Y jelly to help ease the pain while he is going in and out, but until your vagina gets use to penetration there is nothing you can do. Good luck.

  • yes the first time typically does hurt usually mostly because a guy doesn't really know how to help a girl trully relax before sex. if your guy loves you he'll move slow and careful but it will always hurt even a little no matter what.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if ur hymen is already gone it will be discomfortable but not hurting because ur hymen is already broken.

  • 1 decade ago

    For ppl who physically works out every day, the have a chance of not experiencing that much pain.

  • it dont but it uncomfortable the next 2 times man its like so awsome

  • 1 decade ago

    Relax and just do it..oh its called Foreplay try that too

  • 1 decade ago

    I have no clue but i herd it hurts

    Source(s): im a virgin so i dont know if ti hurts or not
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    1 decade ago

    yes it does and arent you to young to be asking this .... go ask your mommy

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