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why is the so much hair above my penis?

I'm only eleven and it's the only areo with so much hair

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    That's the sign of puberty buddy. Your gonna grow more hair(It takes time you know). Depending on your race it'll spread on your chest butt (inluding butt hole). Just look at your dad andyou'' get an idea of what you'll look when you around 18.. ;)

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    Okay, all of these people are idiots. Don't shave it off, that's nasty and it will itch when it start to grow back.

    There is a lot of hair above you penis because it is there to keep your pubic area that the perfect temperature. It keeps you sperm healthy and Strong so when you start reproducing (sex of course) then you will be able to make healthy children (And satisfy your wife). Have a great night and I hope you get all of the answers that you are looking for.

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    THESE PEOPLE R RETARDED! DO NOT SHAVE IT OFF! The hair you have is what tells you your ready to reproduce. The reason you have hair mostly near the top is because your balls are blocking the way for hair to grow underneath. Most men look like they have hair on the bottom but they really dont they just have alot of hair.

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    That is not abnormal for an 11 yr. old boy or girl to have pubic hair. Some have more some have less, everyone is different in every way. Just as each of us have different fingerprints, we are all unique. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

    Source(s): Mom of 6
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    There is a reason for it, but you don't need to worry about that now. DO NOT SHAVE IT OFF!!! If you do, it will itch terribly and you will be miserable. And don't worry, you will begin to get it elsewhere as well. Best of luck and shaving


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    because its a part that we develop our body parts and dont worry its only part of changing ur self u r gonna be a man so stay cool but dont ever shave it man.ur hormones are active dont be scared about that

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    everyone has hair that thick down there, its also a lot more coarse then the hair on our bodies and on our head... its normal, the rest of your body will catch up eventually

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    ur growing up jr dont shave it off either it makes u a man.

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    You’ve hit puberty earlier then most guys. You can shave it if you want or just leave it.

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    From a girl,

    Shave it.


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