Hey, anyone have an xbox 360? And know what the quality for the console is? And whats the best games to play?

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    The XBOX 360 is one of the best consoles out there. There isn't a whole lot of good games out yet, but there will be within the next 8 months. There are rumors about the XBOX 360 overheating on people, but no one that I know, including mine have not overheated, unless you leave it on for more than what is recommended. If you leave any system on for more than 12 hours at a time it is bound to overheat. Some of the good games that are out right now include:

    Call of Duty 2: Good but not great

    Dead Rising: Innovative and original

    The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion: Great game with plenty of gameplay

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: Best Ghost Recon yet

    And some games coming out soon include:

    Mass Effect - April 2007

    The Elder Scrolls V - mid 2007

    BioShock - April 2007

    Mercenaries 2 - (undecided)

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent - October 2006

    Gears of War - November 2006

    Rainbow Six: Vegas - November 2006

    Halo 3 - late 2007

    Call of Duty 3 - November 2006

    F.E.A.R. - November 2006

    Battlefield: Bad Company - January 2007

    Frontlines: Fuel of War: January 2007

    Turok - January 2007

    Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway- March 2007

    Army of Two - March 2007

    Medal of Honor - March 2007

    The Darkness - April 2007

    Spiderman 3 - May 2007

    Grand Theft Auto IV - October 2007

    The release dates of the games are subject to change (and probably will.) I strongly suggest buying an XBOX 360 Premium Package ($400) you will not regret it.

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    The Xbox 360 is a good Console but all good counsels have their flaws. The 360 is pron to over heating so keep it in an open area and not boxed in. I would also recommend buying an intercooler just to be safe (I did) also their have been reports of it breaking if you try to play Dead or Alive 4 so be care full with that game. When i first got my console July 1st 2006 in the first week it had three different system errors but i just simply the system off and its been working fine since. I bought the 400 dollar one and i recommend that one over the 300 dollar one because it gives you more band for you buck.

    As far as games go the really only must have right now is Elder scrolls IV Oblivion and that should keep you busy until better games come out in the fall.

    other good up coming games are Gears of War, Mass Effect, Bio Shock, Too Human, Assassins Creed, Splinter cell Double Agent, and Halo 3 when it comes out winter 2007.

    Source(s): I used my experiences with the system and knowledge of good up coming games.
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    u should really try "Halo". i know u can play it on an xbox but i dunno about an xbox 360

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