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whoever likes smallville answer?

i love michael rosenbaum


i like michael rosenbaum who plays lex luther in the show smallville smallville smallville

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    Smallville is a brilliant show. I love everything about it. It irritates me all the time, though. I'm so addicted. My favorite actor on the show is definitely Michael Rosenbaum. Not only is he extremely sexy, but he plays the part so very well. He is obviously so dorky off-screen and he just transforms himself into the part of the evil Lex Luthor. Tom Welling is amazing, but I must admit, he's not all that great in other films, like Michael is. Kristin Kreuk, I can't stand her. I mean, she was pretty hot in what I saw of her on EuroTrip, but otherwise? I can't stand the sound of her voice. It's so... Weird. I adore Allison Mack. She's cute, quirky, and funny. She gets all the fun words in it and she plays the part wonderfully. James Marsters in the show now? WOW! I've been in love with him since Buffy, but then I had this huge love-obsession with Michael, so, two of my favorite actors in the same show? Brilliant. The season finales are usually really good and I love the second season of the show. So. Yes, I'm obsessed with Smallville. And all the slashy moments in it. (Gotta love the Clex!)

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    yeah i love that show. i hated the superman movie though, cuz like it was so vague. i think the reason everyone loves smallville is cuz they made a simple story last so long, over 100 episodes, each approx. 46 minutes. i cant wait for the new season to start, it looks interesting. and lex luther, yeah i'm a guy so i cant really say anthing but i like his character

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    I love Smallville. It is one of the best shows on the wb, i mean cw. It shows a deeper, darker side of Clark Kent b.k.a Superman's life. I love it, my favorite character is chloe sullivan, don't know the actress who plays her though.

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