Laptop help!!!??

My friend has a Dell Inspiron notebook computer and her display flipped on its side! So the left side is now the bottom of her screen and the right is the top!? How can we fix it?


We tried the desktop properties section and adjusting the screen size ratio, but it won't budge. Also, whenever she turns it on now, it immediately goes to hibernate mode! Sound like a virus maybe?

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    1 decade ago
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    Third-party software utilities such as the NVIDIA Settings have the ability to flip or rotate a monitor's display 0, 90, 180, and/or 270 degrees so that different types of monitors or positioning of monitors can be used.

    If you are able to navigate windows with the monitor display as it currently is, first verify that the display settings for the monitor cannot be changed through any special display manager or display utility by looking for any icon in the systray related to your video card.

    If a utility is found in your systray that is associated with your video card, right click this icon and try to locate any rotation settings. In the case of the NVIDIA utility, the user should locate Rotation Settings and be able to select this option to rotate to 0 degrees.

    If you are unable to locate any utilities displayed in your systray or any rotation settings, open your display properties by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double clicking the display icon. Within display properties, check the settings tab for any additional settings or rotation settings that may be able to correct your issue.

    Finally, if you are still unable to locate any feature of your display properties that enabled the monitor display to be rotated, you need to delete and re install your display adapter in device manager and reboot the computer to allow windows to re-initialize your video card. If this does not resolve your issue,also I recommend installing the latest video drivers on your computer by going to windows update.

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    There must be some display rotation software installed. Look for it and change the display. Try right clicking the desktop and hitting properties. That would be a good place to start. Also look in the programs.

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    1 decade ago

    Go to Control Panel and then settings. Then you can adjust the frame of the screen.

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