Global Warming? myth?

okay, I DO believe in global warming and that it is related to and caused by science. Why do people think it's a myth? then what is it caused by? Why are the glaciers melting? Do people think that the glaciers melting is a myth also?


For you're information I am a liberal but don't take that into mind when you're answering this question.

Hasn't Bush said that "there isn't any scientific evidence of Global warming being caused by humans"

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    I have found that all suprising number of people are very ignorant.

    Also, as long as people don't acknowledge it they don't have to deal with it.

    They must be waiting for the entire science community to stand up and say "Just Kidding" and then everyone can have a good laugh.

    The science community has pictures of mountains 10 years ago and then pictures of mountains in the present (on the same date).


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    1. Global warming is a fact.

    2. The cause of the global warming is greatly debated. Not all scientists agree as the cause or the actual significance of many of the facts.

    3. Just because a scientific organization officially supports one position does not mean every scientist in that organization agrees with or supports that position;

    4. Several facts can be interpreted in several manners (equally correct) as they relate to the THEORY of what is causing global warming;

    5. While it is true that CO2 is put into the atmosphere by man's activities, the significance is debated. For example, the greenhouse gases expelled into the atmosphere by one major volcanic eruption far surpasses that from man;

    6. CO2 content of ice cannot be used to prove one or the other since there are local variances in CO2 content due to prevailing winds, proximity to open water, timing of major volcanic eruptions, local warming or cooling (CO2 is unlike many gases in that it is more soluble in cold water than in warm water);

    7. The geologic position of the continents is not constant and have shifted greatly over geologic time and this makes baseless statements like there were glaciers here or there as if that relates to where continents are positioned today;

    8. Asteroids and/or meterorites impacting on the ocean floors can cause a violent and very rapid release of greenhouse gases by freeing up the gas hydrates in a nearly instantaneous event which causes the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to skyrocket;

    9. Warming causes increases in the moisture level in the atmosphere which could cause increased snowfall at the poles and therefore increase the amount of ice tied up in glaciers and cause a fall in sea level instead of a rise in sea level.

    10. Scientific organizations in the past have supported failed theories such as "the earth is flat", "the earth is the center of the solar system", "man cannot travel at speeds over 25-30 mph".

    11. A short-term phenomenon (covering a 100 years) cannot be used to prove the cause of a climatic change which may have been going on for 20,000 years.

    12. Temperature measurements are usually taken at official weather stations usually located at airports and/or near major cities which are, in fact, heat islands compared to a predominantly rural globe even 100 years ago.

    13. Temperature measurements today are read electronically to an accuracy of sometimes 1/100 of a degree; whereas, 100 years ago it was done by a man looking at a thermometer and being accurate to only 1/2 degree.

    14. There are thousands of temperature stations today (including ocean bouys which didn't exist 100 years ago) so the average temperature change of a degree or less is pretty much within the range of the measurements and therefore of no significance;

    15. Most people touting man's impact on global warming have a political agenda and are trying to scare the masses into a movement that they don't understand completely. For example, CFC's were banned because there was a hole in the ozone layer. Later it was revealed that this is normal and in fact the hole fluctuates with solar winds. An unintended consequence of banning the CFC's was that people switched to much cheaper HFC's which actually increase the greenhouse gases more than the CFC's.

    16. Read several books by various real scientists that put forth the data and tell you the multiple effects related to them.

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    Look on the web under "Ice cap melting on Mars" This should help you understand that we on earth have nothing to do with the glaciers melting. Al Gore won't look to the other planets because that will disprove his arguments that George Bush is causing ours to melt. There are no SUV's or smoke stacks belching pollution on mars. One other note, just one volcanic eruption will create more pollution than we can do with SUV's. Look it up on the web it's all there. Oh, by the way, were there any SUV's or was Gorge Bush around when the ice melted that was well down into the area of the world now known as the United States. Maybe they don't teach this in school any more. Look it up, it's true. There was also a time that there was no ice on the North Pole supported by the finding of artifacts found under the ice that is there now.

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    Nobody has said that Global Warming was a myth. But the reasons for it are not very well understood. It is all well and good that you 'believe' in something, but that doesn't mean that what you 'believe' in is correct. Lots of people once 'believed' that the Earth was flat.

    How about the *fact* that the radiated power from the Sun has changed by several percent over the last century? Do you think that might have anything to do with the planets temperature? Hmmmmm.....?

    And what did 'science' have to do with that? (Other than measure it?)


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    Many good responses thus far.

    Also on the line of glaciers, for the MAJORITY of earth's history there have never been any glaciers at the polls year round. We have been slowly warming for the past 20,000 years and the whole time the glaciers have been slowly shrinking. During the ice age glaciers stretched to Florida. Eventually the planet will return to its natural state of no glaciers during the summer.

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    The earth is always changing. We know from abundant evidence that there were times in the past when the earth was much colder than it is now, and times when it was much warmer.

    Why should we worry about a tiny change over the next 100 years?

    The whole thing is nothing more than a scam perpetrated by people who would use it as an excuse to controll us.

  • The problem is that the causes of Global Warming are linked to highly political issues (industry, business, cars) and the forces involved have worked to control and mold public opinion and perception so that many people believe in things other than facts.

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    Did you know that the evidence that Global Warming alarmists are scaring you with is simply that the average temperature has increased about 1/2 degree over the past 100 years!? I say that is hardly anything to get alarmed about, besides, temperature records weren't kept or accurate much before that, so we don't know if that amount of flucuation is even slightly abnormal. What we do know is the earth has experienced times of much warmer climates, and ice-ages, all without any help from man. Why is this any different? It's not.

    Relax, there are other more real things to worry about like Liberals getting elected into positions of power.

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    Its planet earths way of saying....... "time to spring clean". This is a natural thing that happens.......

    Scientific FACT the glaciers are melting and the sea levels ARE rising........ get used to it, accept it, there is nothing that can be done.

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    i didn't understand why people didn't believe kinda reminds you of when Noah was building the ark and no one believed but they sure did when they was a swimming...

    I think we need to do what we can do help this not to be..and make sure that we try and take care of stuff like we should have years ago...

    Here is the movie that started this i still want to see it

    Trailer: An Inconvenient Truth

    Youtube thumbnail


    The thing that got me was great grandma and great aunt..said that Flordia was gonna sink..not that i would ever wish it to happen but it was because of how they felt they could put a pipe in the ground and water their garden..all tho this is a nice thing it still is a bit scary when you think about it..

    As for me i dont know if i should agree or not but i do know we have a responsibiltiy to take care of our earth, and also i know its what i have been told all my life..and many people agree and some people will not ever see how it could be..

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