Is it illegal for a lesbian to sleep with a man to make a baby and then dump him?

I was wondering if this is illegal because I saw a movie where two lesbians slept with men just to get pregnant, and then they were suppose to dump them.But the men found out, one of them said he would sue the woman. I know that it is not moral, but if you think about it, it's much cheaper than artificial insemination.


I'm not talkng about the woman telling the man that she's pregnant at all. I'm talking about her just having a brief fling with him until she finds out she's pregnant, then leaving town without ever telling him.

Update 2:

The name of this movie was not She Hate me, it was called Proof Positive.

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    No, its not illegal. The problem lies with the MENS parental rights. That is, if they KNOW YOUR PREGNANT BY THEM, then they know they have rights, if they DON'T KNOW then they simply "don't know they have rights" and would think your kid could be by "anyone" as bad as that sounds. So, the trick is getting pregnant and not letting the men know. Like, finding out when your ovulating and hitting the clubs in the next town over or something like that. However, you are in no way breaking the law simply by getting pregnant, the issue isn't legal, its "moral" according to society.

    That is, shouldn't the child have the right at some point to know who his father is? If you know the name of your child's father, keep it with you and perhaps one other person that the child can hear from upon turning 18, because if you put it on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, he has FULL LEGAL PARENTAL RIGHTS TO YOUR CHILD THE SAME AS YOU. So, unless you want child support or possibly a court custody case, leave the fathers name blank.

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    No, it's not illegal in any state. I know the movie you're talking about; Spike Lee's "She Hate Me." Funny flick actually, but it does bring up an interesting point.

    As in the movie, a contract sighting that the man would have no legal rights to the child or any legal obligation in terms of child support would be highly recommended.

    In the movie, there was no "Dating" relationship, the guy did it for the money. So there was no issue of having to "dump" him or her.

    No, I don't think it would be "cheeting" for the lesbian as long as it was concentual and communicated between the lesbian partners BEFORE ever concidering a male mate.

    No, it does NOT revoke your "Gay Card" to have sex for the sole purpose of conception. It's a natural human instinct regardless of sexual orientation.

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    all i have to say is that's not nice.

    u don't go around making babies with just anyone.

    that means the guy was being used, and the child doesn't get to have a relationship with the dad cuz the mom dumped him.

    it doesn't matter if a lesbian or a straight woman does that, it's wrong morally, ethically and legally, if the man wanted to have custody, he could so why go through all that for a kid?

    go adopt there are plenty of children who need homes

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    It is not illegal, but the suit could be for partial custody or visitation rights. If someone is a biological parent of a child, they have the legal right to see and have contact with their child, provided they are deemed fit by a court. This would especially be the case if the woman led the man to believe that they would be raising the child together.

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    I'm not sure the 'sperm-napping' is illegal, but he might be able to try to sue you. I remember a news article that was a part of a Guns-n-Roses album cover that was from a real story. It read 'Man sues wife for stealing his sperm'. The couple was unhappy and on the verge of splitting up. The wife got the husband really drunk, seduced him, and then left after putting his sperm in a container. She took the sperm to a fertility clinic and got pregnant from it. I guess he sued her. I don't know how it ended. Sounds kinda like an urban legend, huh?

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    just make sure you find out if the guy doesnt have like terrible illnesses in his family history. and no its not illegal! immoral well that is how you look at it. and to comment on a previous answer to this question. women might have to depend on the opposite to have a baby but remember any given man wouldnt be here if it wasnt for a woman!!! a man does not carry the ability to totally produce a baby either!!

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    I guess it's about as legal as a man getting a woman pregnant and then dumping her. Happens all the time.

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    Dear Indrep,

    The man would be foolish to do so - he'd be liable for child support! As for illegal, it would depend on the state, but the majority, no.


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    It's also very wrong, unless the male party is assured ahead of time of the situation, and willing to go along with it. The same could be said about surrogate mothers.

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    As long as it was consensual, no, it's not illegal. However, the man might still be subjected to pay child support.

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