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translate spanish notes to english notes on the guitar?

in spanish the music notes are do re mi fa sol la si

and in english they are e g b d f a c

which one is which one

its on a guitar if that helps

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    Actually, the international Solfege rules are about Do re mi fa sol la si.

    Some magazines uses E A C like a shortcut to certain positions.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    ok I don't want to sound rude, but lilbutto's translation is not that accurate, it seems like you translate it in altavista or any of those online translators , and as we know online translators suck! never never rely on an online translator. This would be my translation to your writing, is not that accurate, but is a human translation. if you want to know about me you have to get to know me by logic, however I'm a quiet person, I enjoy when I'm in pleasant and quiet enviroments, I also like to get to know sincere people, people who don't fake. As a guitar sudent I like to play and express my feelings through melodies................................... Specially when they are dedicated to my creator, God. is not that perfect my translation, but is not that bad, the only phrase I couldn't translate was "que cada cuerda al rasguear producen" take care, by the way beautiful those words.

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