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what happened on the season finale of One Tree Hill.(season 3) I absolutley LOVE that show but, unfortunetley I didn't see the finale. Also when does the next season start.(season 4). please answer both questions.

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    "The season ended on a disaster cliffhanger which two of the shows' main characters were involved in. The season finale was the day of Haley and Nathan's vow renewal. Peyton has revealed to Brooke her feelings for Lucas in an attempt at honesty in their friendship, but in the first scene between Brooke and Peyton, Brooke reveals during an arguement that she has 'so much going on in her life,' and it is made very clear that Brooke no longer considers the two of them friends as Brooke slaps Peyton and exits. This is later confirmed as Brooke announces that if the two never spoke again it would be fine. In this episode, Deb reveals to Dan it was she that tried to kill him. Lucas finds a pregnancy test in one of the many identical bridesmaids' purses at the wedding. Thinking it's his mother's he asks her if she is pregnant. She reveals she is (with Keith's baby) but the purse isn't hers; it possibly belongs to either Brooke, Haley, or Rachel. Could this be what Brooke was talking about? Haley also reveals to Nathan that she had something to tell him. Episodes leading up to the finale show that Rachel and Nathan's uncle Cooper were having a relationship until he found out how old she was. At the wedding in episode 22 we see Rachel get very drunk and hijack the limo that was to take the "newlyweds" to the airport. Cooper tries to stop her and ends up in the limo with her. Nathan and Haley decide to take Lucas's car so they would arrive at the airport on time. Rachel tells Cooper something in the limo, and he believes her to be lying, leading to an argument; Rachel grabs the wheel, causing the limo to come face to face with Nathan and Haley's car. The newlyweds swerve but the limo crashes over the side of a bridge into the lake with Rachel and Cooper in it. Nathan jumps in to help his uncle but also finds himself in trouble, leaving Haley on the road screaming for her husband's safety."

    Season 4 will air on: Wednesday, September 27, 2006.

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    the answer that was detailed above me was very good excpet the thing racheal said was i am pregnant and he said i dont beleive you and so goes along with the whole thing of pregnancy


    Karen-def. pregnant

    Haley-most likely not b/c wen haley calls lucas to see if he has the purse he says yes but, wen lucas open the purse with the pregnancy test there werent any plane tickets

    Brooke-might think shes pregnant b/c from a few things she said and that the test didnt appear open that is would be her and racheal seemed sure she was of course if she wasnt lying to cooper

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    sorry I don't know.

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