decorating for a spring wedding?

hello! fiance & I are planning our wedding for May 07 & we want to use the colors white, silver & a medium blue. But, we are stuck on decoratons ideas. These colors seem too "springy". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

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    Try cheking out

    They have lots of different items. Maybe looking through them will give you some ideas. I think your colors sound great though...not too springy in my opinion.

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    Well I am having a spring wedding and decorating with silver and lavender and lots of greenery. When you say silver blue and white I think Dallas Cowboys. Blue is always a tricky color to work with. Consider the colors of the venues you want to work with. Is the carpet in the ceremony site bright red? What do the drapes look like at the reception site? If you have an outdoor wedding what types of flowers or trees are around. Try to choose colors that accentuates the natural surroundings. It can actually save you more money in the end.

    Also talk to the florist and ask them for ideas. Most floral shops also offer decorations and will be able to show you plenty of options. My bridesmaids are crrying blue hydrangeas with buttercup yellow roses. Use varying shades of blues and maybe even some purples and plenty of greenery. May is closer to summer so more things are naturally in bloom. Its all ultimately up to you. For plenty of bouquet ideas go check out the bouquet gallery at There is a sections titled something blue. The best advice I can give you is to accent with blue and let the silver and white make it pop. Hope this helps.

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    I don't think these colors seem too springy, especially if you include various shades of blue including a jewel tone saphire. Anchoring the decorations with menus/place cards/napkins of deep blue can give your spring wedding a little more sophistication and stick to your layed out color scheme.

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    you can get a poster board that looks mirrord on one side and cut them into 2 inch rectangles then fold them in half to make a one inch square then put a fishing line threw them and hang form your ceiling or tent also put lights around the top for a added glow and then for your table go to a winery and ask for wine bottles they are going to throw away and then soak them in hot water to get the lable off of them and insert a flower and a new lable with some pictures of the two of you if you need more help on the ceiling arrengment email me at good luck and congratulations

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    The only thing I can think of is for your bouquet...if ya wanna shoot me an email I can send ya some pics of my friends wedding of her bouquets.

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