What is the meaning and origin of the term "peewaddin"?

Used in context: The explosion scared the peewaddin out of me.

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    In the revolutionary times, musketeers used old timey black powder rifles and pistols. To operate one of these guns you had to always have a supply of powder, ball, flints and wadding. First you placed a good flint stone on the striker and lock mechanism so you would get a good spark when the trigger pull released the hammer and it fell upon the flint. The hammer striking the flint caused a spark to fly into the priming hole and set off the weapon.

    Next you poured a measure of powder down the barrel, followed by some wadding, a ball (or two), and more wadding. A long rod was attached under the barrel of these weapons and this was used to ram down the barrel to pack tightly the wadding, ball, and powder.

    Finally, as a finishing touch, you poured a tiny bit of powder into the priming hole of your weapon. Assuming the day was a dry one, when you pulled the trigger, the whole mess went off in a huge plume of smoke and noise ejecting a ball of shot toward your target with great speed.

    Now if you happened to be on the receiving end of one of those fired balls, you could clean yourself up a bit with some extra wadding, bits of clothing, or leaves. If you didn't do some extra things the wound was more than likely going to become festered and filled with puss. So most gunslingers peed on the wadding before stuffing it into the wound hole as a kind of antiseptic. Surely enough it killed a lot of things, but not everything.

    And that is where the term 'peewaddin' comes from. It is used in a sentence in this manner:

    'E were fixed up by Ole Doc Fry usin' ginger root an' peewaddin' . Like as not, 'e'll be bok inne second fussileers by sundown.

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    Wadding Definition

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    it scared me so much that the pee wadded out of me.


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    OK it means synonyms (crape, ****, poops, pee, and lot of other words.

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