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Do some atheists believe in aliens?

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    Yes. I can answer this accurately because I'm an atheist and I believe that aliens exist.

    What I DON'T believe is that the aliens are currently visiting Earth (and certainly not with flying saucers).

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    There is a big difference in believing in aliens and just simply believing in the possibility of aliens. Believing in aliens would imply that you have some sort of faith in them, like a Christian has faith in God. Some Christians believe that a creature called the devil exist, but they do not believe in the devil. I am agnostic and I do think that the possibility that other life forms exist on other worlds. I will not believe it till I see it though.

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    Faith really doesn't have to do with extraterrestrial belief or not. Though they are mentioned in the bible, some people may interpret it differently. Atheists can or cannot believe in aliens. It's a matter of thoughts and logic, not belief.

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    Well in all likeliness there are many alien races scattered throughout the universe, I can't see why we would be the only living creatures in the entire universe. There wouldn't seem to be any aliens anywhere near our planet though if that's what you're asking.

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    Pagans believe in them ,knowing the truth that they have visited the earth many times ,for minarals and slave labor,but they do not worship them,like the Christians,ignorantly ,do.

    whose faith is based on a fantasy ,that was manufactured to mislead .manipulate and control lost souls who were groping in the darkness for reason

    the story of Jesus was based on the story of Horus and Osiris ,and this was a symbolic representation of the life cycle of the Sun .

    its purpose was to transform Paganism to the Islamic and Christian religions

    the religion was based on the humanized story ,of these cosmic bodies and their events,by the descendants (illuminati)of the Anunnaki ,who was know as the creator but who was not a God ,but no more than a learned refugee from Mars before it was knocked out of Orbit

    the Illuminati used this religion to manipulate,the Adams race,which was created by the Anunnaki (through genetic engineering and cloning)to mine gold for them ,and to this day controls this race(most of us)descendants.

    over the eons the symbolism was totaly lost .

    the myth was strengthened by continues application of false information

    (i.e Leonardi da Vinci ,was one of many,and the shroud of Turin is such an example, as was the da Vinci code,humanizing the legend)

    so that by now Jesus has become a real person .

    however no one ever could agree on what he should look like.

    and over the centuries,artists have made up several accepted versions. of the greatest con in all of Human history

    Todays allies of the Illuminati are the bilderberg group,the Round table ,U.N,the Club of Rome(Vatican).and these control the world through war and finance.

    they always have done so

    and their method has been by dividing Humanity in to religious,cultural ,and political oposing groups ,which are then set against one an other

    the New World Order (continued from Hitler) is their baby,

    Bush and Blair are their present marionettes.

    as al USA presidents have been (34 of them are related to Charles the great and Charlemagne,)the leaders of this world have always been, more or less one clan,including the Roman and even Chinese Emperors ,the Pharoes,the Popes,as far back as the kings of Babylonia.


    some suporting text can be found in

    Anunnaki PDF and

    the biggest secret by Icke

    if you are looking for a real God ,turn to Baal.Gaia and Isis,they really are affecting your existance

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    I believe there is life out there in the universe other than our own.

    The chance there are no other lifeforms other than our own is substancially lower than there being life in the universe besides us.

    As for UFOs and alien visitation of our planet - I've seen substantial proof that we've been visited. Still skeptical, however, but I keep an open mind.

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    i believe in several forms of alians. both of which are already living in this country. there called legal and illegal aliens. i also think there maybe other aliens out there in the universe. it is a rather large universe. just by pure odds one would think that somewhere else in the universe some form of life (multicelled, or singlecelled) would appear somewhere on some other world.

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    First of all, I don't call myself an atheist because somewhere in the definition you'll find a reference to being immoral. I just don't believe in any invisible man in the sky whether they'd be called god or extraterrestrials. And that resolution came after twelve years of catechism in primary and secondary school.

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    Any one can believe in aliens regardless of beliefs.

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    Sure. Why wouldn't they? Is God an alien?

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