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Can someone help me on this, I'm completely confused?

Ok I used to have a best guy friend named Tom..our parents were best friends..but then he asked me out, and then publicly cheated on me..and then I still remained friends with him..but then in December he said some innapropriate things towards me..our parents aren't friends anymore, and I have a lot of classes with him..At times I miss him, and then at times I don't..I know that sounds totally odd..but I still some-what wanna be friends with him.


Our parents aren't friends anymore because of what he said. His mum took his side. I haven't talked to him in one year.

Update 2:

He told me to go ***** myself along with all the descriminating words that you'd hear in a rap song.

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    I would just stick to small talk with him...sounds like he can't be trusted and there is distance between both your & his parents....I know you may have some feelings there for him but after he did what he did to you - I would just keep things simple between you two. There are more fishes in the sea.

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    People aren't perfect. If you want to be friends with him fine but be more careful and keep closer boundaries.

    Certain friends have disappointed me more than others. This makes me less close to some than other simply by the course of their and or my actions. If you friend has done things to undermine your trust by the nature of karma you will be lesser friends. In that case spend less time with him and be more careful when you are around him.

    Sometimes people go through phases and may snap out of it in time. There could be hardships and or changes that has influenced him to be this way. So maybe taking a break or stepping back a little and watching how he does is the next best step.

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    I don't understand how he cheated you in public when you are not yet commtted to each other being only friends, he is not your boyfriend and you are not married. So there was not cheating.

    Anyway since he became rude to you in front of your parents and they are not friends anymore, get rid of him girl..

    It will be a big insult to your personality, your ego and your sensibilities as well as to your parents if you do not get rid of him. There are so many other guys out there, Snob him is he best thing you can do..

    Good luck

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    Tom sounds like he was not a good boyfriend and afterward he could not be a good friend. His actions has affected your parents relationship ( if that is the reason why they are no longer friends ). If you really miss him try give him one more chance, but be cautious.

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  • "Honey" The only thing you can do is talk to him. I don't know the whole story but if you miss him that's the best thing you can do. Find out why he said the things he did and see if he will apologize for what he did. If you don't fell comfortable talking to him in person write him a letter. (Good Luck)

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    i would just try to move on. especially if he cheated on you then to add to it he said things he shouldn't of that made your parents friendship with his parents go down the drain. it takes a stronger women to move on then it does to stay around waiting for someone to come back that isn't going to. you gotta spread your wings and move like a bird onto another pirch.. it takes alot i know this. i was cheated on with a guy who promised me everything but when he got on a bus to go back to the east coast he met and married someone else while engaged to be married to me.. so i k now how that feels i moved on and found a new and better man of 2 year and he and i are getting married soon.. be strong girl move on

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    i just assumed you're still a kid,you need to go on with yr life and not focusing so much on that jerk,because if he had cared about you he'd never have said innapropriate things about you in the first place go one with your life there's more and better fish in the sea.

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    It's the nature of the beast. Leopards don't change their spots. Keep messing with this match , you're going to get burnt. Ever think about a nice guy?

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