question about pneumonia...?

i was diagnosed with pneumonia from my doctor although my chest x rays are clear and I am not coughing up flem/mucous....


was i mis diagnosed or is this possible?

Update 2:

i feel heavy breathing now and then and like i am breathing through somehting in my lungs. I get periods of attacks where i get very weak and chills and feel like i am going to faint. I am a litlle congested in my nasal area however hardly nothing is coming out when i blow my nose..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Without knowing the specifics of the situation, it's hard to judge the diagnosis that was made. However, the diagnosis of pneumonia involves a constellation of clinical signs and symptoms that generally include fever, cough (with or without phlegm) and infiltrates on the chest x-ray.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your chest x rays are showing up what color? Mostly black is normal, mostly white or white in certain areas such as Right lower lobe are pneumonias. You could possible have asthma if you chest x ray was almost totally black with your diaphragm (the muscle that splits the thorax or lung area from your abdominal area). What exactly are you feeling then if you are not coughing and no phlegm is coming up?

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