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What's wrong with this woman? Does she have any life of her own?

She messaged me, saying, "I have not been rude or answered your postings in any other manner then I would any body else's. I am sick of you and your insecurities. I am beginning to understand completely why your family and friends keep calling you crazy and mental. Now stop with your bullshit, go away little girl, and go play with somebody else. You are not welcome here. Loosen up and stop being such a prude."

This woman has nothing better to do but to stalk & harrass me. Why does a 45-yr. old grandmother have to stalk & harrass a 23-yr. old? She just RECENTLY started answering other people's questions, but she answers EVERY SINGLE question I ask in a mean, dirty, & rude manner. This is very annoying. I've reported her for harrassment SEVERAL times, & she just won't leave me alone. Now, was her message rude or not?


Now, she also answers every single question I answer.

Update 2:

In my opinion you are lazy and selfish and you think that everyone should hand you a place to live, money, a job and everything else on a silver platter just because you are a young black female that went to college. Get a grip on reality.

*This is not true.

Update 3:

But you get the same responses that everyone else gets. Stop flattering yourself into thinking that I am just picking on YOU. You are not worth the time it would take for me to concentrate soley on YOU, and to single YOU out.

You are just being your MENTAL self. Maybe it is one of your alter personalities coming out.

I'm sure you have afew of those.

You think your so much better then anyone else because you went to college....well I laugh at you every time you mention it with your pitiful 2.7 gpa....LMFAO

Just because you went to college doesnt mean ****. Hell, I went to college and had a 3.75 gpa and it isn't doing me any good with being on disability for a physical disability. So you need to stop thinking that your so called education is going to make you somebody. Especially with your MENTAL disabilities.

You try to be somebody/something that you are NOT and never will be. That is what is so disguesting about you.

Update 4:

You think because your a black female that went to college that the world owes you. Well it doesnt. Nobody owes you jack ****.

You think a job is just suppose to jump into your lap because the world owes you that. Well it doesnt.

***Now after I called her out, she hides her picture & she calls herself Texas Girl. She used to be called ETXYELLOWROSE.

Update 5:

There you go being mental again.

And you are wrong. I can answer any question I want to in an open forum.

My email on the other hand is MY email and I have demanded that you stop, and you havent.

I have saved EVERY email that you have sent me, and all my responses to you.

So now lets talk about proof........lmfao........right

You are the one who emailed me first with your bs, and you are the one who started it back up again just because you dont like my responses to your posts.

I do not give a rats *** if you like my responses or not little mental girl. It makes me no difference.

And you can continue to email me and look like a mental case all day and all night.........I dont give a damn.

Each email I receive from you just gives me that much more of a laugh for the day. So keep them coming if you want to.

My friends and I get our daily dosage of laughs from your stupid, childish and ignorant posts, and then even more laughs from your emails to me.

Update 6:

I copy and paste them and send them to all my friends so that we all can laugh over them and make jokes about your ignorant self. *She can answer all my questions in rude ways, but I can't e-mail her back, cursing her out.

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    is it Texas Girl?

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    You get the same responses as anyone else Candy.

    You had a recent post about hamburgers, my response was not mean or rude.

    You recently had a post about should you try being response was not mean or rude

    Most of my responses are not mean and rude.

    But you take them as being that way and then YOU email me and cuss me out, call me names, are rude and disgusting and are a total witch.

    So yes, you get responses to those emails that you have no business sending that are not polite.

    I will admit some of my responses to your posts are kinda of sarcastic but what do you expect when you send me harassing, abusive, racist, disgusting and totally uncalled for emails just because you did not like one of my responses to your posts. I am not on this forum to pamper you or tell you what you want to hear.

    YOU sent the first nasty email because you did not agree with one of my responses and you continue to keep sending emails to my private email account.

    Shall I copy and paste some of the rude and nasty things that you have emailed me with? So that everyone can see what an ugly and hateful person you really are?

    And you also are sending and saying ugly remarks about another person on here.

    I have responded to over 700 posts on this forum and they are not all yours, not even close. And out of that 700 responses I have over 250 best answers.

    And YOU have even given me best answer afew times. So how can you say all my responses are mean and ugly? You contradict yourself.

    There are a lot of people on this forum that say rude things to you, and to other people, there are a lot of people on this forum that make jokes, that make sarcastic remarks to your posts and to other posts. Do you send every person a nasty email that is sarcastic or jokes at your posts? I highly doubt it.

    So you need to stop thinking that I am singling YOU out just to harass you.

    If you don't like my responses then ignore them, don't vote me as best answer and just go on to the next one.

    And I am going to send every single nasty email that you have sent to my personal account to yahoo and report YOU.

    Source(s): There are 30 nasty and hateful emails from this person and SHE is the one who wrote the FIRST one. Maybe I need to make a post and copy and paste each and every one of them. So we can all see her calling the nasty and vulgar names. Which enclude racist remarks like and I quote "U rednecked KKK racist honkey cracker-faced biotch!" And anyone can look at any of the responses that I gave tonight and there is not any of them that were mean or directed directly at this individual.
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    Don't answer her emails, and don't engage with her or give her any sign of how it annoys you (unlike this posted question). If she's indeed harassing you, she'll get tired of following you around.

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    Yeah-but whats the granny's avatar, so I can be aware ?

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    gots the hots for you stay fara way

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    Maybe if you would ask decent questions, you would not have this problem.

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