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Date for homecoming?

I work at the waterpark and the last day is on monday. Homecoming is coming up pretty soon. Im a sophomore in highschool. There is a girl who is a senior and shes wonderful and she works with me. We were on break together the other day and she started asking me lots of questions about what i am going to do for homecoming (i currently dont have any plans) and then she complained that she has nobody to go with. Im not sure what to think of this, because obviously somebody is gonna ask her. Im not sure if i should ask her or not. If i should, how do i approach her?

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    Omg I remember homecoming days lol. just ask her it won't hurt. My bff waited forever to ask a guy and he had been taken and he would have gone with her. so the moral to the story is that you should just be brave and ask her. if she says no then ask someone else. it is that simple trust me.

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    grab a boy, and say "Bxtch, your going to homecoming with me!" Hahahah jk, yet that ought to nicely be fantastically fly. (: attempt asking someone you want, or ask a guy pal to pass as "basically friends", perchance you need to take someone that would not pass for your college? (in the journey that your college facilitates it, mine does) or basically pass with your associates, i'm probable gonna attempt this.

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    The best way to go about it is to just to ask her out. Don't hesitate, otherwise, someone else will ask her out. Go for it and good luck.

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    Dude ASK HER!!! She was hinting and she wants to go with you hurry ask her tonight before she gets asked by someone she doesn't want to go with. Just be cool and ask her if she would like to go with you and if she doesnt that is alright with you. But she will!

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    Ask her out.

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    just come out n ask her

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    Ask her. find out, from her, if she has a date yet, and if not, ask her.... if she's not out of your league.

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