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Does anyone know this song?

The chorus of the song goes like....... i know the break down baby, everythings gotta break down someday, i know the break down baby tell when its time to break down baby. its rock

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    by Tantric

    In your life you seem to have it all

    You seem to have control

    But deep within your soul

    You're losing it

    You never took the time

    Assume that you're to blame

    You think that you're insane

    Won't you spare me


    I know the breakdown

    Everything is gonna shake now someday

    I know the breakdown

    Tell me again am i awake now maybe

    You can find the reason that no one else is living this way

    Yeah your lies

    Your world is built around

    Two faces to a clown

    The voices in your head

    Think there's four pawns down

    Well in this unity

    Fate has found the need

    So you better check yourself

    Before you check out


    If you find yourself

    Then you might believe

    Then within yourself

    You just might conceive


    You can find the reason that (you can find the reason that)

    No one else is living this way (you can find the reason that way)

    That it?

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    Probably break down

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont know it i am so sorry :(

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    1 decade ago search the lyrics it will take you to it

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    sorry i don't

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