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I have baby chicks.?

I have 5 hatched baby chicks and 1 trying to hatch.They're chickens.The momma hen is taking care of them in a nest box about 4 feet off the ground in our chicken coop in our barn.I have other hens and roosters in there on their roosts and in the other hen boxes.It is dark so will the other chickens kill or hurt the baby chicks?I plan on taking her and her babies out in the morning right before sunrise.Should I or should I leave them in there?

What should I do because earlier today right after 1 hatched a different hen(Not the momma hen)pecked a baby and made it bleed.Its still alive but I don't want the others to get hurt.Also do I need to feed them tonight?

What should I do and do you have any suggestions or websites I could go to?

Thank you and only serious answers wanted.


Also do I need to water them?

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    If you have other hens in the coop there's a chance they might hurt them if they fall out of the box. Maybe she needs to have them closer to the ground so they won't fall. She will protect them and if they all stay together with mom the others will most likely leave them alone. Tomorrow make sure they have chick starter and are able to get water as they might start eating.

    They'll be okay tonight. Mom will keep them warm and they should be okay a couple of days without feed. It would be ideal if you had a little fenced in area for her and the chicks away from the others.

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    I raise all my chicks under hens. I would move the hen and chicks to a separate cage, because the other chickens may pick on them, or they may fall out of the nest box because it is so far off the floor. If the sixth egg is trying to hatch now, the chick should be out of it by morning. You don't need to feed them tonight -- for the first 24 hours they pretty much stay under the hen, living off the egg yolk they absorb just before hatching. You should give them food and water in the morning when you move them. Use a good commercial chick starter feed -- they need higher protein than the regular chicken food. On the third day, add some grit by gently springling it over the food -- I use parakeet gravel for new chicks.

    The mother can eat the same thing as the chicks. She will also teach them to drink, but for good measure I usually take each chick and dip its beak into the water, then watch to be sure it swallows. I do this when I notice the chicks coming out from under the hen, usually on day 2 after hatch, which is when they begin to feel hungry and thirsty. Chicks that don't learn to drink die of dehydration, so I like to actually see each chick drink.

    What I have experienced is that, until the chicks are feathered out, the hen doesn't re-join the flock. I imagine this is similar to what would happen in the wild --the hen would mate, then go off and make a nest, hatch her chicks, then forage as a family for a while, and re-join the flock as they got older. Chickens that are fenced in can't do this, so you have to provide the separation artificially by giving her and her brood a separate area.

    What happens at our place is that I keep the mother and her chicks in a separate breeding cage (with straw on the bottom, I hate wire) until they are feathered out (at about 3 weeks). Then I let them out in a separate pen outside, and the hen teaches them to forage greens and bugs in addition to eating the food I provide. (Very often, the first thing she does is dustbathe and they copy her -- very cute to watch!) I bring them back their cage at night because we have predators around here. You could also have some sort of shelter for them in the pen and let them stay out at night if predators are not a problem.

    Usually around 6 weeks the hen starts trying to lead them over the fence (It's only 3 feet high) and that's my signal to let her and her brood come back to the flock. By then, the chicks are strong and quick enough to avoid the other chickens, while the hen is still attached to them enough to defend them.

    Source(s): I 've had chickens for years.
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    u need to separate the chicks and the momma hen away from the coop but keep them close enough to where the rest of the coop can see them do that until they are older and every now and then bring one chick into the coop and introduce it to some of the other hens and roosters

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    Give the hen water and food. It's ok to pick up the chicks and put them back into nest. Try not to bother them much...the hen will take care of them...Good luck!

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    well i did work @ the zoo as a jounior zoo keeper. we didn't work with the chickens alot but that same thing happened @ the zoo. what you need to do is take the egg out that hasn't hatced yet and put a fake one in then you out the not hatched one in a place where if can hatched but be messed with then when it hatches you can put it back with the others but when you do make sure they are in a seprate pen or coop. then wait a month or two and reunite them with the others. mother included. and then you can have one happy chicken family .

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