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Goin on an interview tomorrow?

I had an interview on Thursday for a clothing store named "Journeys", I know it a little "whatever" job but my first interview went well, "I think it did" and they called me today saying they want me to come in tomorrow cause the district managers gonna be there, so they want her or him to interview me, Is that good, bad, what should i expect, and how can I potray myself as CONFIDENT

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    ahh!! calm down...relax!! this is GOOD!! district manager for a interview?! HELL yeah lol..ok so dont dress casual as u would with a day with ya friends...dress kinda dressy...ok dont go to the extreme and wear what u would wear to church!! i say..wear a button up...slack OR khaki..umm a belt...umm black dress shoes...and you should be set = ]....

    or if you dont think you need to really dress up...then wear ANYTHING other than that means (idk how 2 spell this) CORR--DERRR-ROY (lol), umm khakis, black slacks..etc. and a nice top! not a regular house shirt, or a casual shirt...maybe a casual button up or a polo shirt!!

    as for shoes...NEVER wear derrrty shoes...or white shoes to work...BLACK only that could be CLEAN blk bball shoes, dress shoes...etc.

    hope i helped hun!!

    good luck!!

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    I think it's a positive thing that the employers want u 2 be interviewed by the managers. Perhaps they want 2 make sure that ur eligible and extremely well qualified for the job. If the 1st interview went well, then do the same thing that u did for the next one. Here's some tips:

    * Be urself

    * Don't be too nervous. Take deep breaths and focus on the questions

    * Be curteous and respectful by shaking hands w/ the employers (have a firm grip) and dressing professionally

    * If u don't understand the question, then speak up. There's nothing worse than answering something that is irrelevant. Say, "Pardon, could u please repeat that?" or "Excuse me, I don't understand. Could u reiterate that for me?"

    * Play it cool and be urself. Can't say that enough. No one wants a phony

    * Come on time, early, if possible. And come prepared w/ an extra copy of ur resúmé

    Good blessings!

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    Yes, that's good...often district managers have the final say on who gets hired, but they wouldn't have given you a second interview if they didn't like you. To seem confident, you need to always maintain eye contact and smile often. In job interviews, I usually tend to throw in a little bit of humour here and there when it's makes you seem more personable.

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    I have been to Journeys before.

    I would "Live the Lifestyle" by buying a top and a pair of shoes there that is full price, and wear this. This gives them the impression that you wear the kinds of brands that they sell there.

    Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge, and do your best. Be yourself. Don't stress, and don't be too casual.

    Just do it!

    good luck!


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    That's good, and just be yourself like you were in the other interview. Smile, make eye contact and answer the questions honestly. You made it this far you'll do great!

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    I alwasys have good results at an interview if I can make the person laugh while still seeming professional.

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    Wow! lots to respond to. Which i'm no longer. in basic terms look human beings oriented. that's a well being facility. they want a individual that's friendly, properly gown, and well mannered. and don't prepare solutions. they are going to have the potential to tell if there rehearsed

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    It's always a good thing when they call you for a second interview. Good luck!

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    you should dress sharp while not overdoing it. You need to project confidence in your abilities. Talk about your expertize in customer service thats allways important in sales

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    That is good. Its a sure bet that you will get the job. Unless you do something you late or somthing like that. Good luck.

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