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Which of these BLOODY hands do you find acceptable.?

A pilot with a cruise missile that indiscriminately kills 100s of women and children whilst hundreds of miles in the air, and therefore has no sense of foreboding and empathy with the innocents he has just killed.. OR..

A Muslim fighter who seeks to send a message of terror by manually cutting the neck and head of his captive and therefore directly has the blood of his victim on his hands.

Both Individuals are killers with BLOOD on their hands. Which is worse?


CHAD T, I didn't localise the 'pilot'. Just like I didn't localise the 'Muslim fighter'. It could be argued that the US soldier acts within the Geneva Conventions. Others do not necessarily.

Update 2:

Thank you for looking at the detail of the question. I must tell you that it was a deliberate act. I have been on this forum long enough.

Update 3:

answer_dude, A death is a death. Expotentially or not. Killing has a message, whomsoever is doing it. DISINGENIOUS is the word I use at times like this.

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    None, they r both bloody killers, there is no sensible way to justify any of the two unless u r a fanatic....

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    The soldier is a trained professional who is doing a job. He is sent under orders by a legitimate military or state to conduct offensive or defensive actions which are geared toward a certain objective. Secondly you have no idea if a soldier or pilot has no empathy for his victims. he may well feel what he is doing is a moral ill but nonetheless does the job hes trained to do. The military makes strenuous efforts to insure civilians are not targeted. Terrorists are just that. They kill without any form of legitimacy. They do not represent a state or military. They follow no code of ethics . Thier efforts are geared toward spreading terror. They dont care who thier victims are. They are not bound by treaty or morals. They are selfish, cold blooded butchers who hide behind religious fervor and mistaken beliefs. Their acts benefit only themselves. They prey on the weak as well as thier own people. The soldier is a a professional doing a job they are trained to do. Terrorists are killiers. Its in the motive.

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    The Muslim dude is far worse. His is an absolute act of terror. The pilot with a missile is doing his duty and doing it as an act of war. Could you look someone in their eyes and then cut their throat? That's cold blooded murder...

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    Fact: In any war, innocent people will be killed.

    There's no debating that.

    The INTENT of the pilot is not to kill innocent people, but to bring the war to the quickest, successful conclusion possible.

    The INTENT of the Islamic dirt bag is to video tape the cold blooded murder of his captive in the most inhumane and grotesque fashion he can think of.

    Is there really any comparison here?

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    I think what is worse is the Abortionist. They are covered in the blood of the Innocence! Also, the women who allow Abortionists to murder their children are just as Bloody!!!!

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    You are full of crap. Car bombers aren't trying to reduce collateral damage they are trying to create more of it.

    The US does not target civilian targets. In fact the accuracy of the weapons has increase exponentially along with the price tags for the weapons. Yes, in any war there are innocent people killed. But if you think the US is aiming to kill civilians you are dead wrong.

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    If I remember correctly there is only one Hell.

    So both go to hell and become each others 72 virgins.

    Go big Red Go

  • Anonymous
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    The Islamic for two reasons. The Islamic terrorist will look his innocent victim in the eye, listen to his pleas and still saw his head off. The U.S. pilot is trying to stop the terrorist from beheading his countrymen. I don't understand how you can draw a parallel.

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    I consider scum apologist of Islamo Fascist like you the same as the scum Islamo Fascist. The baby killing islamo fascist is the bloody killer/The terrorist scum targets women and children, carries out beheading in the name of the worthless homicidal religion of hate and death.

    The pilot thinks he is bombing a real target in a real war 100's of women and children have not been bombed by the pilot. 100's have been killed as targets by Islamo Fascist. Truth is I think of all Muslims as murdering scum because of scum like you who apologizing and supporting the murderous fascist scum.

    I hope I used scum and fascist enough for you and you religion of pieces of fecal matter.

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