How far back can one research their credit card transactions?

The reason for my question is linked to a recent discovery of a false credit card under my social security number. The ironic thing is the card was addressed to the house that I lived in before I joined the armed services. However during the timeframe in which the card was established and apparently used was while I was in Korea, which I have valid records showing that I was in Korea. To further prove my innocence on the card issue, I tried to search my own personal checking card and couldn't filter searches back that far. So is there a certain point that transactions are lost by the credit card companies? Can you ever go back for instance two years and retreive those transactions to see amounts and where the money was spent?

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    Sounds like you are trying to do this on your own, you definitely need to get the credit card fraud unit in on this one. They will be able to do more research on the charges (i.e., provider codes, etc) than you can. But don't know how far they can go back. I suspect it varies by the company. Good luck.

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    I was once told by someone I work with that it's possible to go back at least 2 years to research credit card transactions.

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