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rain water for neon tetras?

why is it recommended that you add rain water to your fish tank if you are trying to breed neon tetras?

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    It is recommended because neons are delicate little guys, and the fry (baby fish) cannot handle high mineral contents in the water. Rain water is the purest water you can get naturally.

    Unfortunately, there's a little problem with this: rainwater is not so pure anymore. The pollutants in the environment have made it so that rainwater can be toxic. If you plan on using rainwater, have it tested first.

    An alternative to rainwater is RO water (short for reverse osmosis). RO water can sometimes be found at aquariums, but you can usually find it in grocery stores in one or five gallon quantities.

    Here's a great site for all aquarium-related questions. These folks really know their stuff, and if you don't find an answer to a specific question, you can ask them (they usually answer within 24 hours).

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    Rainwater is usually softer than the water from your faucet. Neons come from very soft acid water in south America. They usually spawn after a rain because there will be more food and better water for their babies.

    If you live in the city, I would be careful adding rainwater to your tank. There is no telling what kind of smoke or pollutants are floating around in the air and being brought down by the rain. Also, if you collect it as it runs off your roof, you are adding all the crap and stuff that has collected on your roof.

    When I try to induce a spawn, I just use 4-5 degree cooler water when I do my water change. That usually gets them in the mood.

    Source(s): 25 years of keeping and spawning many different species of tropical fish. 22 tanks up and running at present. I have worked in both the retail and wholesale tropical fish business.
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    rain water is low in PH and GH. it will make a more suitable place for them.My water is real hard .I add rain water and it helps the over all of the tank the fish are active and there fins look better,Too

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    I have never heard that. Usually the temp, surroundings and ph levels are more important.

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