Help Has anyone heard off North American Service Evaluators ??????

If they offer you a job. REFUSE IT. They pose as a secert shopper company. They offer you really great pay. Well that old addage if it souds to go to be true it is . Is really correct. So they send you money orders thru the mail and ask you to cash them and go to wal mart with the money and say you are checking the ease and realibility of sending these money grams. You have to call them with a reference code fill out a form and fax it back to them. The web site they have is very proffesional looking they have an 800 number when you call it it all sounds so real and leagal. Well let me tell you DO NOT WORK FOR THEM EVER IT IS A VERY CLEAVER SCAM. After you send the money gram you find out that the money order was a fake so quess what now you owe the bank or where ever you cashed it. SO THIS GREAT JOB YOU HAVE IS A SCAM AND YOU ARE SENDING THE MONEY TO THEM BUT IT IS YOUR MONEY NOT THEIRS BECAUSE THE MONEY ORDERS ARE FAKE . PLEASE LET EVERYONE YOU KNOW , KNOW ABOUT THIS I WAS SCAMMED.

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  • dcgirl
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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, this scam has been around forever and still people fall for it.

    Not everything you read online (especially in your email) is for real.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thanks so much :)

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