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Can a child develop athletes foot?What are the symptoms of athletes foot?

The doctor told me it was sneaker foot 3 months ago but the treatment plan isn't working and her foot is getting worse.

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    Talk to a doctor. I tried lamisil spray, works well. I had a recurring case of athletes foot and trenchfoot, for long time. Lamisil, new shoes, new socks... two weeks later I was OK. I feel like an informed crash test dummy, but hey, new sox and shoes do well to prevent serious skin disease.

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    I was told anyone can get athlete's foot just by wearing the same shoes every day, and by not completely drying your feet (between your toes). Itching feet and burning..and odor..there may be more but try this web site. Try alternating shoes every other day. Spraying them after each use and washing them often.

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    anyone can contract athletes foot.

    it usually shows by peeling skin between the toes that is often itchy. the best way to treat it is to get an antifungal cream that you apply twice a day, wear clean socks always and walk aroun d barefoot in dry places as much as posible.

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    Yes anyone can get athletes foot. Anyone can prevent this from happening too. You can get medicated powder from these dollar stores for $1.00. Just sprinkle some of this medicated powder into your socks and you will keep away lots of infections. Plus putting medicated powder in your socks before you goto work will keep your feet cooler and keep them from hurting so much. For $1.00 anyone can do this :)

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    Yes they pick it up in showers and bathrooms< Dry red and

    cracks on there feet....

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