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can a urine test prove virginity?

i was wondering if a urine test could come up with any results relating virginity and loss of it, like if i went to take a urine test, could they say i was still a virgin or not--afraid parents might find out

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    No. There's no test to see if you're a virgin (unless you're pregnant). A gynegologist can tell if your hymen is still intact, but using tampons, horseback riding and lots of other activites (besides sex!) could cause your hymen to rupture.

    No worries. Your parents won't know.

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    Actually yes. Hgb testing will determine if you are pregnant. If you are, then, well, you ain't no virgin. So technically, yes, a urine test can determine virginity in some weird way.

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    if you are so afraid about your parent knowing then why surrender your virginity so easily ? you are rushing yourself into sex n now regreted that trouble come !

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    no a urine test dont show that...

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    No, it cannot unless you are pregnant or have contracted an STD.

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