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my GF..........?

my girlfriend asked me to sleep over her house tomorrow night. she told me that it will be a night i'll never forget.

i am only in middle school, and idk if i should go over there or not.

what should i do?


uhh her parents WILL NOT be there

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    Don't go! She's probably only interested in sex. If you do go, you will probably have to push her away. And those girls do not usually take "no" for an answer! There are two reasons she could be doing this:

    1) She wants to have sex. ***most likely to be the case***

    2) She thinks she needs to have sex with you to please you. ***less likely, but possible***

    Middle school is too young to be dating anyway. Hell, you shouldn't be dating seriously until you're about a junior in college. Good night!

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    Wow, you lucky bastud. Any guy in middle school or high school would kill to have a girlfriend like that. If you don't go over there you're a tard. Even if you don't feel comfortable having sex, at least make out with her for hours. You don't want to regret not going. Don't pass up this huge opportunity.

    Source(s): Me, wish I had had a girlfriend like that.
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    If i'll ask you....DO YOU WANT TO GO?maybe if you'll take my advice surely i will tell you not to go....coz maybe in just a click of the clock everything will change....maybe you know what i before doing anything or rush into undecided situation think of it 100 times....t.c.

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    NOOO!!! Are you ready to be a father at age twelve? What about get an STD. What about telling your future wife what you did at age twelve? Sex is sacred and for marriage.

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    You should go over and remember that you don't have to get rushed into anything. Just take it slow and relax.

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    Maybe its not sex at all, and instead she just wants you to play battleship with her. Or perhaps she's going to try to cook for you, and it is so bad, you will never forget it.

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    if it is sex, just tell her that your not ready or it doesn't feel right. i would listen to most of these if i was in your place. She is your girlfriend could wait a few more years....

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    if you have any doubts dont bother. seems yr holding back for a good reason. maybe for someone you know you love.

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    do what you think you want to do. just remember you will have to live with the consequences either way. no whining and complaining after.

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    maybe he want you to repair her bed, or see her room, ask to help her to design her room, maybe she don't know how to cook and ask you to cook her, or just clean her room maybe its dirty, play video games, play hide and seek maybe, project from school maybe, what do you think?

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