How do I go about and become a high school History teacher in the state of Texas.?

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    Do you currently have a degree? You need a license. If you do not have one for the state of TX then contact the state board of education and they can tell you the requirements.

    If you do not have a degree then meet with an advisor at a university and they will tell you which classes are needed. They will also help you apply for your first license.

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    Please reconsider your decision to become a teacher, especially in History. Liberal Arts degrees aren't worth much these days, and there are already too many history majors vying for the few teaching positions out there. Also, check out the nationwide requirements under NCLB regulations.

    Sad to say, teaching has become a job that is sneered at, ridiculed, and underpaid. I would strongly discourage my children from taking on a job where they'd be subjected to verbal abuse on a constant basis.

    As a teacher, I've seen too many young, optimistic, teachers enter the field, only to become disillusioned and leave due to the miserable working conditions.

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    In some school districts you do not need a Techer Certification to teach high school, if your degree is on the area you are going to teach. If not, there are many Alternative Certification Programs through out the districts. Just decide where do you want to teach and verify if you need to be certified or not to teach high school. If you need to, ask if they have an Alternative Certification Program. Google SBEC and visit their website, it has a lot of information. Good luck!

    Source(s): Alternative Certified Teacher with Dallas ISD
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    If you have your degree, then contact your local Regional office about seeking your alternative certification certificate. If you don't, seek your degree in Academic Studies with your minor in the area you which to teach.

    Teaching is NOT that bad of a profession, if you have the patience, love, understanding and sense of humor to go with it. Patience because you have to remember, at the heart of it, they are just kids and you are there to guide them, love - again because they are just children and no matter what they do, you have to remember they may not be receiving love at home or where ever they are residing and it's your job to see they are treated with love while they are in your care, understanding because they all have different issues they are dealing with and you have to take that into consideration when dealing with them and a sense of humor because every day will have it's good points and bad points and you need to see the humor in all of it so you don't become burned out. Good luck!

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    You go to school and get a degree.

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