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Could it be Pneumonia?

On Wednesday evening I started feeling just run down, for no apparent reason. By that night I had a nagging cough, with no production. Thursday, mild fever,cough, just crappy feeling, pain with breating that is located right under breast under ribs. Friday and Saturday the pain increases. Hurts to take deep breath, feels like someone has just "wrung" my body like you would a towel, ribs and back. So, what do you think, could it be pneumonia? There is no wezzing or crackling in my chest.

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    Pneumonia will typically cause a high fever (101+) because it is bacterial. Bronchitis will also cause the type of pain and fatigue you have described with a lower grade fever. Pneumonia requires antibiotic treatment and bronchitis does not. To speed your healing process take huge deep breaths, even though you feel like you cant, every 2 hours while awake and drink plenty of water....this will help thin out and move the secretions from your lungs. Hope you feel better soon.

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    If you still have a fever it may be pneumonia. You should see a doctor as soon as you can. I had pneumonia in January and my symtoms were - fever, no appetite and very short of breath. I had a little cough - not too bad. The first time I went to the doctor he told me I had the flu - go home and rest - 2 weeks later I still had a fever and was so short of breath. I went back to the doctor and they did a chest x-ray and I had pneumonia. So if you think you have it, ask the doctor for a chest x-ray even he doesn't suggest it. I was sick for about a month because I was diagnosed wrong the first time. I also didn't have a wheezing or crackling (that I could hear anyway).

    Hope you feel better!

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    When my youngest son was in the 6th grade, he had bacterial pneumonia. This was in March, and he developed a cough. I thought it was allergy related, but a few days later he said he didn't feel good. That night he had a fever, so I treated the fever, and the next day he rallied. But that night he said he didn't feel good again, and his fever was so bad, I could feel the heat coming off his body. Needless to say, that scared me. Our doctor was really worried about him, too. I could see it in his eyes and face. That scared me, too. We know our doctor well b/c we go to church together. Anyway, it took him 2 weeks to recover. You need to get to a doctor right away. Pneumonia is a dangerous today as it was 100 years ago!

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    Go to the doctor it could be walking pheumonia, were you don't

    know you have it besides it's better to be safe that sorry I ve had

    pheumonia and it's not fun, see a doctor!

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    It could be pnuemonia or it could be a simple rib fracture, i would still get yourself checked out though.

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    Highly likely to be. Seek advice from ur doctor!!!!!

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