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everybody let me know what you think?

i just saw a comercal on the tv that said 1 out of 4 people with HIV don't tell there partner so i was wondering how many people here think that if you knowingly have un protected sex well positive for HIV sould this person be tried for murder or something like that because they knew that they were going to give a terminal virus to a person

i mean it is killing someone, slowly but still killing them none the less

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    I think that if you know you have any STD, whether that be HIV or herpes you should tell your partner, even if you have only protected sex. Condoms can break and then its just like you werent wearing one at all. They should definately be tried for at least conspiracy to commit murder, or manslaughter. They knowingly put someones life in danger without telling that person before hand. Its beyond just wrong, its down right immoral.

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    Well, personally I do feel it's some sort of reckless endangerment of you can prove that a person who knew they were HIV positive knowingly and deliberately had unprotected sex with someone else with the intention of attempting to transmit the virus. If the person gets it and eventually dies, I would think that person could somehow be held liable in their death. I think that would be awfully difficult to prove in a court of law, and I don't know if it's ever been tried or if there are any precedents. That's just my opinion. The truth is that they might lose the criminal case but win the civil case, which seems to be much easier to get a guilty verdict in for some reason.

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    I see it she is correct I would give him a lil facial hair or something tho he was found Innocent its still something to think about if you want to embrace this I would change his shirt to orange - as for your question it sucks for both parties 1 out of four don't always know they have it ,if he/she knew that's a different story but I just think you should regularly get tested and if you ever get something positive do the right thing if that means not having sex with someone its a small price to pay for the guilt given later if they get what you get

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    I heard of a man that got some good prison time for knowingly giving hiv to four women

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    Maybe the best answer is to.. not have sex until you are married?

    Society programmed you to think you need sex.. its normal, etc etc.. Make you blieve stopping is impossible.

    Guess what? HIV is not the only problem. 1 out of 3 girls you kiss may give you herpies.

    24/Los Angeles

    "premarital sex creates broken families, broken families creates broken society - a vicious cycle only you can stop."

  • I never thought about that...Yea...if someone has sex and doesn't tell the partner and later on it does come about that the partner gets it and can pin-point who it was they should have them tested and sued or convicted or something....I can't believe there are people out there that would be like that, that's horrible.

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    ya i have heard that they do get charged for murder when they knowingly go out and infect ppl. They know it is wrong and they should be tried and convicted of it too.

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    I don't know about that man. But I gotta tell ya- your avatar looks like that Jon Bennet Ramsey suspect.

  • well i think they should tell the person they are with that they have HIV its wrong if you don't and you could try and get legal actions on it

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    well maybe not for murder but i do think that there should be some kind of charge...on the other hand you should always wear protection.

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