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Who is this woman in this comic?

PLEASE TELL ME DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THIS OLD LADY IS IN THIS COMIC! she is an old lady who has a dog and is obsessed with bingo if you think you may know ask me for the picture of her cuz i have one please help me

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    Is it Mother Goose from "Grimmy"? by MIke Peters?

    Here's an image, not a great one, but I just nabbed it from Mike Peter's website. If this is who you are thinking of, it's not a's a ...well, it's a goose. Mother GOOSE. lol

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    Unfortunately we cannot put photos up on Answers. The answer is indeed Maxine of Hallmark fame.

    History of Maxine

    The real history of Maxine is a sweet story, steeped in fond memories that Shoebox artist and Maxine creator John Wagner had of his mother, maiden aunts and grandmother, who paid for his early art lessons.

    However, once the character had been drawn and named “Maxine,” (a name chosen by the Shoebox team when more than one said the character looked like Maxine), she took on a life of her own, and her irreverent quips about aging, retirement, political correctness and sex (or the lack of it) appeared on cards, books, mugs, T-shirts, and office paraphernalia.

    Since then, Americans have purchased more than 220 million Maxine greeting cards, and Maxine is still the first and only greeting card character to move from the card isle into popular culture.

    Perpetually one of Hallmark’s top-performing characters, today Maxine has her own books, comic strip, calendars, and now –, for those who are truly addicted to the crabby side of life.

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    Maxine from the Hallmark cards??

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