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what does it mean if u dream ur self pregnant?

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    Dreams are a bit like mirrors. If you dream about other people in situations, it is normally about you. If you dream about yourself in a situation, it is normally about someone you know.

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    Dreaming of pregnancy could mean one of the follow things,.

    1. You want baby badly and being pregnant is one of the way you can find it in dream.

    2. Being pregnant can mean you are seeking for a new relationship.

    3. Guilty about having sex - You feel guilty about having sex. being pregnant may be a punishment in your subconscious mind.

    It all depends on what your situation is and what is your reaction in dream. If you are happy, I would say no. 1. , if you are worried, no. 3, and if you are not sure, no. 2.

    Source(s): God's given insight in dreams.
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    Dreaming of pregnancy suggests a fairly protracted waiting period necessary for something, possibly the completion of a project. Oddly,to dream of pregnancy seldom actually means ones own pregnancy, although it can indicate pregnancy for someone around us. Another meaning centres around being patient and waiting for a natural process to take place so that we can fulfill a task.

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    I heard about a rumour where a women dreamed she was pregnant because she really wanted a baby and the next time her and her partner had sex the egg was fertalised. Its very hit and miss though.

    Source(s): A Newspaper
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    she thinks you're too youthful and you have not reached your finished skill or have been given to adventure life adequate in the previous you quiet down and characteristic babies. use birth control. additionally dreaming some somebody having a touch one skill a sparkling substitute on your life. dreaming of fish skill somebody is pregnant. haha goodluck and bear in concepts, except you desire to get pregnant and dissapoint your mom use beginning administration

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    They say if you dream someone or yourself is pregnant, than someone is going to die and vise versa but I don't buy it!

    It was prolly something you see on tv, or somewhere in your day.

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    It means you've been thinking of being pregnant.....

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