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Could her daddy obsession be related to something inappropriate happening over there? There are times when she comes back from his house, cries for him for 2 hours, then first thing in the morning calls him. Sometimes she will call him 5 times a day when she's not in school. I've always had the suspicion in the back of my mind, but would a child act this way if something weird was happening?

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    I would take her to counseling. Something definitely doesn't add up. It could be something serious as abuse or just him bad mouthing you. Either way it needs to get looked into.

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    NOW you just got weird! What a positively ridiculous question to ask in Yahoo Q & A. If you DARE suspect something, act on it. Don't look for yahoo Q & A attention. I truly hope you aren't going to mess with a normal child / father relationship to satisfy your own attention needs.

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    While my husband and I are still married, my girls do not get to see their daddy everyday. He leaves for work before they get up in the morning and are in bed asleep after he gets home from work. So on the days when he is home, they refuse to be taken away from him (ie me taking them to the YMCA or anywhere fun). They love him to death and they are very true daddy's girls. I know there is nothing going on other than love for their daddy and their missing him. You do not mention your daughter's age, there may be something going on or not, she just may be very attached to him and truly miss him. The only thing you can do is take her to a therapist and let them talk with her, if she is not talking with you.

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    i'm sorry but this is not good. there could be some inappropriate touching going on that she kind of likes, but kind of doesn't like at the same time. you know what i mean? you need to stop this from happening again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds fishy to me. It may be that someone needs to take a deeper look at some thing.

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